Enfield Technologies Makes Proportional Pneumatic Control More Affordable

DN Staff

April 26, 2010

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Enfield Technologies Makes Proportional Pneumatic Control More Affordable

MOTION CONTROL: Thanks to some innovative engineering, Enfield Technologies has reached an important goal - making a complete proportional pneumatic control system much more affordable.

A basic positioning system includes a proportional valve and control electronics manufactured by Enfield Technologies paired with a pneumatic actuator and a position sensor provided by a variety of highly regarded partner companies.

The same valves and control electronics used in motion control are also used for proportional pressure, flow, and force regulation applications.

During the last 18 months, Enfield Technologies has revised its sourcing and manufacturing processes. They have also reengineered several key products, adding new features, improving performance and reducing costs. This has allowed the company to offer price reductions averaging 42 percent on its primary components. For example, the LS-C10 controller dropped 70 percent, from $564 to $169.20, and the LS-V25s proportional valve dropped 45 percent, from $721 to $396.60. Enfield Technologies has also implemented volume discounts and an additional 5 percent bundle discount (bundle kits include a controller, valve and cable).

Enfield Technologies has added more than 35 technical resellers and integration partners over the last year. The company  has  also  launched  several  new  products,  including  the  Enfinity  System  (C2  controller  and  M2  valves).


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