July 17, 2006

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Variable speed operation on ground, fault-protected circuits

This new variable-speed motor has low ground, and has no trouble with GFCI circuits. It uses Dynamic Rotor™ technology switches at low frequency, producing ground currents well below the Class A GFCI limit of 6 mA and eliminating the ground fault circuit interrupter tripping that comes from high-frequency PWM switching. The motor's patented design puts the electronic power switches right in the coils in the rotating armature. Desired speed and torque is controlled by stationary light-emitting diodes on the motor's end-bell, which turn the rotating switches on and off. It doesn't need an external encoder, instead using internal speed feedback. It meets all CE standards, offers high torque at low speed and has nearly no RFI/EMI. The motor and controller are integrated together, so there are no cables between the control and the motor. The design reduces electronic circuitry and parts, making it cheaper and more reliable. It is reversible, runs up to 5,000 rpm, runs off analog or digital signals and can be programmed.

DynaMotors Inc.


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