Design News TOC 4-6-98

April 6, 1998

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Design News TOC 4-6-98

April 6, 1998 Design News

Special supplement on Motion Control!


Cover Story

Shocker of an idea
Retrofit rear-suspension systems puts damper on mountain-bike costs.  By Gary Chamberlain

Modular gets popular
From machines for the steel industry to packaging equipment, more engineers are using modular enclosures. But there are trade-offs involved. By Karen Auguston Field

Harley designs its own box
To account for future expansion, engineers used standard parts to design their own modular enclosures for the plant's intelligent network hubs.  By Paul E. Teague

Vintage idea modernized emerging processes
Intelligent air-bearing design delivers repeatable precision.  By John Lewis

Special productivity kit: Fastening, joining and assembly
Fastening, joining and assembly applications, problem solving, and products.  By Deana Colucci

Flowmeter combines flume and Venturi tubes
and provides accurate measurements under full or partially full pipe flows.  By David J. Bak

Turbine to double spindle speed
Integrated into the tool shaft, new design avoids drag losses of conventional machine tool spindles. By David J. Bak

Engineering News
Technology gets on the ball
Hubble images stellar shockwave
Monster motor produces Mach-1 winds
Hose fights chemical leaks, cuts costs
Electronics in driver's seat at SAE show
MOSFETs switch to different production process
Fasteners help DisneyFest 3M exhibit hold it all together
Process gets to die-casting "core" problem
A bright new idea for smart card production
Black Falcon flies away with $30,000 student prize
A crash helmet for your teeth
Spring fancy turning...

Designer's Corner
Digital precision-metering pump, gut grabber, and more

Tech Bulletin
Late developments that shape engineering

Washington Beat
Technical news from around the world

New Products

How to cut design time
By Paul E. Teague

Hot Products

Featured Product
Instrument panel profits from gas assist

In Brief

OEM Journal
Reading the tea leaves

Show stoppers
SAE '98

Letters to the Editor
Readers state their views

Guest Commentary
Servo technology moves to mass customization

Managing Design
How to use teams more effectively

Legal Forum
An independent inventor

Software Lab
Mechanical Desktop 2.0

Engineer's Notebook
Laser shines new light on product markings

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