Cylindrical nozzle cleans, cools, and drys passing product

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December 1, 2003

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Cylindrical nozzle cleans, cools, and drys passing product

Blow Dry: The circumferential sheet of air (arrows) from the Super Air Wipe ring nozzle entrains surrounding air, which increases mass flow to clean and dry products.

Engineers developed a unique cylindrical nozzle and profile design so that EXAIR Corp.'s Super Air Wipe delivers high velocity airflow, with minimal noise and air consumption, along a product passing through its center. This flow can be used in order to blow off dust and processing solutions, cool extrusions, or dry printed, washed, or coated surfaces.

Previous systems used a ring of distinct air nozzles that had higher air consumption and noise and produced inconsistent air velocity circumferentially around the product passing through. The Super Air Wipe uses a 0.002-inch (0.05-mm) circumferential air gap to direct a thin, high-speed airstream along its precisely contoured inner surface, producing a Coanda Effect. This phenomenon sees the sheet of air following the curved surface contour, and the below atmospheric pressure produced holds the flow close to the surface. This lowered pressure (along with direct collision to a minor extent) induces the surrounding air through the Super Air Wipe ring, augmenting airflow (in a 40% ratio) to produce uniform wiping action around the product. Noise and airflow are reduced 40-90% over previous wipes, says Kirk Edwards, applications engineer.

A pressure regulator on the compressed air supply controls flow, force, and air consumption. The aluminum Super Air Wipe has stainless steel screws and shims for mild chemical resistance and can be used in temperatures up to 400F (204C). Extra shims (0.002 inches thick) are provided to open the air gap, increasing force and airflow.

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