Cree Announces Sample Availability of Two New GaN HEMT Transistors

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February 22, 2010

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Cree Announces Sample Availability of Two New GaN HEMT Transistors

ELECTRONICS:  Cree Inc. announces the sample release of two new GaN HEMT transistors, expanding the power range and addressable applications of the Cree product family.

The CGH40006P is ideal for driver and medium power stages within broadband amplifier topologies. In addition, it can be used in low-noise amplifier applications where the superior ruggedness of GaN HEMTs can lessen the need for protection components, typically required in GaAs MESFET low-noise amplifiers.

A demonstration amplifier using the new transistor, at 28V, provided a 2 to 6 GHz instantaneous bandwidth achieving 12 dB average small signal gain and 8W typical saturated output power at greater than 50 percent drain efficiency over the entire band.

Cree has also introduced the CGH31240F, which is a high-power, class A/B S-Band GaN HEMT transistor. It is an internally matched 240W packaged device for the 2.7 to 3.1 GHz band. It is designed for civil radar applications such as weather and air traffic control, as well as for marine radar. The CGH31240F, operating at 28V, offers more than 10 dB power gain while providing more than 240W saturated power with greater than 50 percent power added efficiency using a 300 µsec, 10 percent duty cycle pulsed signal.

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