Creating a Cylindrical Cam

September 26, 2005

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Creating a Cylindrical Cam

Mechanism Design Extension in Pro/ENGINEER allows users to create planar cams. However, there is no built in functionality to allow for cylindrical cams. This technique shows users how to create a cylindrical cam with a follow. This cam will move the follower between two dwells.

The general approach is to have a cylindrical representation of the cam geometry and a planar representation of the cam geometry. When the mechanism is defined, the planar cam will move in translation and will have a cam connection to the follower. The geometry will be hidden from the assembly. The cylindrical cam will move in rotation to represent the motion but will not be driving the follower. The key is to drive the geometry of the cylindrical and planar cam with one reference. This will be done by using a family table of one cam part.

Dana Coombs, Product Development Engineer, [email protected]

You need this trick if: You want to simulate and animate cylindrical cams with followers, while using mechanism software in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0Online Resources:  For more tips and tricks using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, go to a cool software trick?  Send details, including any documentation and supporting code, to [email protected]. If we publish your trick, we'll send you a super cool, limited-edition Design News t-shirt.

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