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November 19, 2001

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Electronics designer

GR Force/D2B(TM), a comprehensive set of design-to-build software solutions, is based on a GenCAM-certified framework. One module in the package, GR Force/A3(TM), provides the ability to acquire data from more than 30 different CAD design formats and generate programs for a wide variety of test and inspection equipment. This module facilitates design-for-test analysis early in the design cycle, before the cost of change becomes prohibitive. GR Force/DesignView(TM), a second module, allows users to import board schematic information in labeled HPGL format.


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Mastercam Router CAD/CAM software includes basic nesting for maximizing material usage. A more sophisticated nesting option is also available with functions such as automatic interlocking nesting, filler part nesting to reduce waste, and the ability to save sheet scrap for future use. With advanced nesting, the user can also mark a series of parts as a group to ensure the entire set is always nested. Its engraving add-on includes standard chiseling, embossed images, and combined chiseled/embossed images.

CNC Software Inc.,

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Reverse engineering tool

Geomagic Studio 4 rapidly turns a physical part into an accurate 3D digital model for customized manufacturing and computer graphics applications. It includes features for registering and processing multiple scans and color data; automatic color, texture, and bump mapping; boolean polygon editing; and new macros that simplify sequential tasks. The Geomagic Studio 4 suite now includes Geomagic Capture, software that simplifies processing of any kind of point data from 3D cameras, digitizers, and coordinate measurement machines.

Raindrop Geomagic Inc.,

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3D modeler

The thinkdesign 7.0 eliminates obtrusive, large dialog boxes and uses a selection list browser, in conjunction with floating mini-dialogs, to help keep the operator focused on the model being created. The selection list browser has been refined to include more options and more geometry interaction. Crucial design options can be turned on or off using the selection list, and as the user turns one on, corresponding values appear over the affected geometry. Also, all commands across the system are now speech enabled.


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Charting package

Gsharp(TM) 3.2, software that simplifies creation of sophisticated technical graphics for print and the Web, now provides support for Intel Linux Redhat 6.2 platforms. Users can create graphical presentations based on ASCII, binary, and SQL data from a variety of file formats and sources. With Gsharp's built-in scripting function, users can automate batch production of these graphics and generate daily or hourly updates to Web-enabled charts on corporate Web sites.

Advanced Visual Systems,

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Calculus software

Three educational add-on packages derived from materials developed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Brigham Young University offer complete sets of Maple-oriented resources for instructors of Calculus I, Calculus II, and Physics Education. Instructors can use the tools to bypass the laborious aspects of technology-based curriculum development when using these add-on packages. This course material rounds out the PowerTools calculus offering, which also provides an advanced calculus course and 100 calculus projects.

Waterloo Maple Inc.,

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DCS software

AutoMax Executive Software for AutoMax Distributed Control System (DCS) is now offered in version 3.9 and version 4.3. Both versions operate in Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, and NT environments. Version 4.3 provides advanced ladder language capabilities, where version 3.9 does not. All other programming tools in version 4.3, such as the graphic configurator, are the same as in version 3.9. Version 4.3 is backward-compatible with any previous version of the AutoMax Executive Software, as well.

Rockwell Automation,

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SAP gateway

RSSql Gateway for SAP is a mySAP certified tool that directly connects many shop floor systems including SQL Server, Oracle, or any ODBC compliant database to SAP. Using this gateway, SSql customers can receive SAP data based on timely, real-world information directly from plant systems. It also allows shop floor personnel more visibility into the information SAP contains, by downloading it directly to control systems and human machine interfaces. The RSSql architecture has four components: a user interface, transaction manager, control connectors, and enterprise connectors.

Rockwell Automation,

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Coating software

Easy Coat(R) for Windows NT (ECNT) is written specifically for use with the Century(R) Selective Conformal Coating systems. The ECNT software integrates cut, copy, paste, and delete functions common in Windows applications. Separate programmer and operator access levels ensure users do not accidentally modify programs on the manufacturing floor. A bitmap or jpeg image of the pc board can also be imported and used to simplify on- or off-line programming.


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