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July 22, 2002

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Computer Productivity Tools

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Test.Lab Revision 3 software suite for noise and vibration testing and engineering includes solutions for structural and acoustical testing, vibration control, rotating machinery, and reporting and data sharing. Designed to reduce set-up time and set-up errors and to speed up measurement and analysis, the software package offers parallel measurement modes and data handling tools, Smart Sensor (TEDS) support, and workbook templates. Applications include laboratory-based and mobile testing uses. LMS International, www.lmsintl.com. Enter 595

Simulation software

Maxwell(R) 9.0 simulation software is designed for the aerospace, transportation, and power industries to solve power-electronic, electromechanical, and mechatronic system designs. According to the company, the software assists in the development of advanced electromagnetic brakes and clutches by calculating core loss. Used in 3D applications, it reportedly offers steady-state thermal analysis capability. Ansoft Corp., www.ansoft.com. Enter 596

2D animation

Toon Boom Studio V2 is the latest version of the company's 2D animation software for the Internet that allows users to view and direct animations through the use of a camera. It includes tools like a timeline, exposure sheet, peg, rotating light table, and drawing and painting tools. Software is compatible with Macromedia Flash MX and its seamless swf importer. Toon Boom Technologies Inc., www.toonboom.com. Enter 597

Tolerance analysis software

TASysWorks Tolerance Solutions software, intended for SolidWorks users, automatically defines tolerances for holes and pins, according to ISO, ANSI, and JIS standards. Using statistical methods, it operates a geometrical and dimensional tolerance analysis, and assists users by pointing out problems and resetting tolerances before problems happen. TASysWorksIntol performs an inverse tolerance analysis. Neuvotec, Inc., www.Neuvotec.com. Enter 598


CADKEY Workshop(TM) Version 20 Manufacturing Design Software allows users to create, import, and edit 3D models and drawings. The product features a Pure Geometry(TM) architecture, a dimensional accuracy assurance system, and a reportedly versatile assembly management and data organization structure. Industry standard data translators are included. CADKEY Corp., www.cadkey.com. Enter 599

3D simulation

Based on real time collision detection technology, the WALKINSIDE(TM) v1.0 3D simulation and visualization tool is designed to allow users to "walk inside" industrial projects as if they are video games. The new software features networking, 3D redlining, separated multi-instanced reference files, database connection, and on/off levels. Vrcontext sa, www.vrcontext.com. Enter 600


Adept 5, the company's latest version of its engineering document management software, is designed to track revisions, manage, and control access to engineering drawings and documents. It may be integrated with Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD Mechanical. According to the company, the software controls such Autodesk Inventor assembly components as iPart factories, iFeatures, and Standard Fasteners. Synergis Technologies Inc., www.synergis-adept.com. Enter 601

Expansion card

The 32 Mbyte Secure Digital (SD) Expansion Card, designed for Palm OS devices including the Handspring Treo 90 Organizer, combines backup and expansion capabilities, preloaded with Blue Nomad Inc.'s BackupBuddy VFS software. With the software-flash memory SD card, such devices require only one push button step to backup, hold, and encrypt data. SanDisk Corp., www.sandisk.com. Enter 602

Bluetooth starter kit

The Bluetooth Network Starter Kit, both PC- and Mac-compatible, offers two adapters to connect computers and wireless-enabled devices. The kit is compliant with Bluetooth 1.1 and USB 1.1 specifications and works with Pentium-Class PC, 200 MHz CPU or more, 128 MB or more RAM, and one or more USB ports. IOGEAR Inc., www.iogear.com. Enter 603


Designed for Windows and Linux operating systems, the VariCAD Update mechanical CAD package reportedly solves a number of general mechanical engineering tasks, with the designer in mind, in few steps. According to the company, users may down- load a free trial version of the CAD software at the company website. VariCAD, www.varicad.com. Enter 604

Advanced math

Maple(R) 8 advanced math software features a customizable user interface, introductory calculus package intended for students and teachers, new worksheet user interface programs, and new solvers for scientists and mathematicians. The tool also includes Maplets for GUI customization, a programming language, and connectivity to the Web and other programs. Waterloo Maple Inc., www.maplesoft.com. Enter 605

Software development kit

PAX.works 3.3 software development kit consists of PAX.desk and PAX.rtime, and may be used to program and tailor the company's classification processors. The software suite may also enable intelligent application management in networking equipment by prototyping, testing, and debugging content inspection expression matching. Solidum Systems, www.solidum.com. Enter 606

Plastics software

Moldflow Plastics Advisers(TM) 6.0 offers advanced process simulation benefits to plastics product and mold designers. The software package features Gate Optimization Analysis, Gate Designer Adviser, and Moldflow Community Center, a web-accessed tool that provides interaction between the company and its software users. Software also includes geometry mirror capability and expanded automatic runner generation. Moldflow, www.moldflow.com. Enter 607

Mini-PCI card

Dual-mode mini-PC card reference design provides simultaneous operation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. Bluetooth-enabled applications-printing, keyboard, mouse, file transfer, and portable device synchronization-may operate while users are network connected wirelessly with Wi-Fi. Intersil Corp., www.intersil.com. Enter 608


Parhelia-512 is a 0.15mu, 2D, 3D, and DVD/video GPU, with an 80 million transistor, a 256-bit DDR memory interface, and 20 Gbytes/s of memory bandwidth. Visual improvements include 10-bit GigaColor technology, UltraSharp display output technology, 64 super sample texture filtering, glyph antialiasing, and 16x fragment aliasing. Other innovations involve Hardware Displacement Mapping, Surround Gaming, and DualHead(R)-HighFidelity. Matrox Graphics Inc., www.matrox.com/imaging. Enter 609


The ASL 2000MS(TM) mixed-signal test platform, intended to test mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs), uses a "building block" architecture that sets up all measurement instruments behind the device-under-test (DUT). Using the non-matrix based design concept, the system includes next-generation high-performance mixed-signal (HPMS) instrumentation, which provides digital signal I/O capability with parallel channels. Credence Systems Corp., www.credence.com. Enter 610

Computation & analysis

SIGMACALC, an advanced version of the company's engineering software tool TolStack 2, is designed to compute and analyze tolerance/variation/error/defect/risk data. The tool allows for data sharing and may be used for single, nested, or multiple linear or non-linear systems, or for physical, temporal, or financial parameters. TolStack, www.tolstack.com. Enter 611

TFT-LCD display

This 40-inch TFT-LCD panel, intended for wide-screen digital TVs, uses the company's Patterned Vertical Alignment technology for a 12 ms response time, 170-degree conical viewing angle, over 600:1 contrast ratio, 500 nits screen brightness, and a 15:9 aspect ratio. This technology allows for mass production of 30-40 inch high-resolution TFT-LCDs. Samsung Semiconductor Inc., www.usa.samsungsemi.com. Enter 612

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