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September 17, 2001

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Computer Productivity Tools

2D and 3D graphics

StudioTools 9.7 features a speedy filleting tool that allows designers to quickly connect surfaces and create rounded edges. And its construction history feature allows users to edit previously drawn fillets. Then they can evaluate the results with reflection maps, curvature maps, draft angle evaluations, and cross-sections. The family of applications includes DesignStudio, Studio, AutoStudio, and SurfaceStudio.


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Automated design chain

To speed time-to-market, ChipData applies Net-based automation across a manufacturer's entire design flow, integrating enterprise-level software upstream of the supply chain. Users include electronic component suppliers, OEMs, contract electronics manufacturers, and software vendors. Its Design Chain Management software derives design data from source files to do conversions, design rework, and delivery.

ChipData, Inc.,

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CAD file compression

Virtue 3D makes compression software that is optimized to quickly compress 3D CAD files. Based on patented geometric compression technology, it simplifies and streams geometry, textures, and motion, enabling network-based 3D graphics applications to operate over minimal bandwidth, and with minimal computing power. It is currently used by SolidWorks in that company's 3D Instant Website tool.


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Design optimizer

GrafiCalc 2.0 is software for optimizing engineering problems for shape, fit, and position. The software can be used standalone or alongside CAD sketch geometry to explore multiple design concepts, find the best solution for their proposed function, and validate the final concept. Users can select from design objectives such as area, moment of inertia, volume, cost, position, weight, tolerance, clearance, distance, stress, or deflection.


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Design graphics developer

The HOOPS 3D Application Framework (HOOPS/3dAF) version 6.0 introduces the company's newest product, the HOOPS Net Server (HOOPS/Net), which lets users add collaborative functions to an existing application or to create real-time applications. The 3dAF is a tool for developing interactive 2D/3D applications for Windows, UNIX, Linux, and the Web. Its core graphics component, 3dGS, is used in more than 125 major commercial CAD and design applications.

Tech Soft America,

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Online procurement tracking

Version 3 of the Collaborative Procurement Management (CPM) system from ManufacturingQuote Inc. features improved reporting, interface, and navigation tools, and a new QuickSearch function. Users can track their procurement processes online at, an RFQ trading site with more than 100 engineering disciplines and 2,000 members.


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Geometry library

SMLib version 3.5 is an advanced NURBS-based geometry library that offers new surface classes, support for STEP-based construction, new intersection and projection algorithms, an improved point cloud surface fitter, and surface interpolation. Its data translation libraries are compatible with IGES, STEP, and VDAFS formats.

Solid Modeling Solutions,

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CFD meshing

Tgrid 3.4 is an unstructured meshing tool for building CFD models, designed to streamline the process of constructing computational meshes from tetrahedra pyramids, wedges, or bricks. It can automatically refine surface meshes in close proximity, even intersecting overlapping surface meshes.

Fluent, Inc.,

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Online collaboration

eReview is Java-based software that allows users to conduct online meetings with real-time view and annotation ability, integrated with document review. Multiple participants can collaborate on documents, drawings, and CAD files using their own Web browsers. It also supports audio, video, and text chat communication, and even allows individual meeting participants to "whisper" confidential messages to each other. Check for a demo.

Web4 Inc.,

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