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CAD/CAM news and updates

DN Staff

March 25, 2002

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CAD/CAM news and updates

Among recent software trends, users are seeing more collaboration and product suites. EDS, for example, has released Unigraphics Version 18. The latest release introduces process wizards with embedded knowledge that automate complex tasks such as progressive die design and structural analysis. Unigraphics Collaborate, embedded in version 18, enables reviews over the Internet, while new productivity tools automate functions like design checking and Direct Modeling extensions. DMX technology is enhanced to facilitate interoperability with incompatible data formats. In addition, EDS' PLM Solutions claims to give users interoperability between former UGS and SDRC applications (Enter 533)...SolidWorks 2001Plus is now available with enhancements including large assembly design tools, 2D to 3D innovations, and sheet metal design. The release offers physical dynamics and mate diagnostics, and enables users to create large assembly designs with 10,000 parts or more. Transition tools, furthermore, enable users to create 3D CAD models from existing 2D design data. With SolidWorks eDrawings Professional version, users can choose to disable the measurement feature so others can't determine exact specifications, dynamic component translation, or cross-section views of the eDrawing (Enter 534)...ALGOR Inc. has announced the release of new, integrated HTML users' documentation for its finite element analysis, Mechanical Event Simulation, CAD support, and piping design and analysis software. ALGOR's documentation covers all analysis types and comprehensively describes, in a process-based format, how to set up a finite element model from start to finish and perform every type of analysis that the company offers. In addition to the new integrated HTML documentation, ALGOR software includes right-click, context-sensitive help for all data input screens, with specific information describing what each input field does and how it is used (Enter 535)...Autodesk Inventor 5 now has enhanced drawing annotation, improved migration from Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, and new capabilities for large assembly modeling. Knowledge Vault technology has Composite iMates to automate repetitive tasks. In a particularly newsworthy note, the company has announced it will develop its own next-generation solid modeling kernel named ShapeManager, for use in Autodesk Inventor and other design software. Until now, Autodesk had licensed the ACIS kernel from Spatial Corp. ShapeManager will be based on the ACIS 7.0 kernel, and the new kernel will therefore be compatible with ACIS 7.0 and below to maintain migration capabilities with legacy versions of Inventor and other AutoCAD products (Enter 536)...The latest release from think3-thinkdesign 7.0-features new Global Shape Modeling and advanced surfacing tools such as a lofted surface environment, surface optimization, global bend, and virtual vertex constraints. Also included: industry-specific GUI palettes for machine design, product and industrial design, and mold making (Enter 537)...Solid Edge now offers Insight technology, which embeds design data management at no additional cost. Insight vaulting combines design documents and CAD files with attribute data in a common, secure index storage system that supports file locking (check-in, check-out), search, and role-based access (Enter 538)...WorkNC-CAD, new software from Sescoi for tooling design and mold creation, can be a stand-alone product but will also be integrated into WorkNC v15. Users can interface with other CAD file formats using IGES, or with native interfaces from TTF for CATIA V4 and V5, Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer, CADDS 5, and others (Enter 539).

Simulation tools. ANSYS has launched ANSYS 6.0 Simulation Software Suite, with a new Probabilistic Analysis Method Wizard. Its Shell Section Builder eases the definition of layered composite elements. A Variable Viewer integrates time and history variables and a Symbolic Assembler reduces global matrix assembly time. Products in the ANSYS 6.0 Software Suite include: ANSYS/Professional, ANSYS/Structural, ANSYS/Mechanical, ANSYS/Emag, ANSYS/LS-DYNA, ANSYS/FLOTRAN, and ANSYS/Multiphysics. Additionally, ANSYS has announced a partnership with SAS LLC to jointly develop a new NASTRAN solution and exclusive OEM distribution. The solution will integrate the technologies of ANSYS, CADOE (recently acquired by ANSYS), ICEM CFD Engineering, and SAS LLC to provide users with a comprehensive NASTRAN product, expected to ship in early 2002 (Enter 540)...ESI Group brings two new releases to market. PAM-CAST 2001, the group's casting simulation software, has a new graphical user interface, faster processing time, and an enhanced CAD-surface meshing interface. With the acquisition of L3P, ESI now offers LCMFLOT 2001 for liquid composite molding (Enter 541)...The LMS Virtual.Lab suite of software is a virtual prototyping software environment for performance engineering of critical design attributes, such as noise and vibration, ride and handling, comfort, and safety and durability. It automatically links to leading CAD and CAE tools and has a fully embedded framework for LMS applications with links to structural solvers and leading CAD systems. Based on Dassault Systemes' V5 application architecture, Virtual.Lab can combine test-based models and loads with the virtual models (Enter 542).

Focus on collaboration. CoCreate has released the OneSpace 2002 Solution Suite, featuring new modules, including scalable collaborative services; establishing and managing engineering projects electronically; mold assembly design; and direct links to NC solutions. CoCreate will add Design Automation's InterComm product to the CoCreate OneSpace Solution Suite to review complex electrical schematics and board layouts through a strategic alliance with OHIO (Enter 543)...From UGS (now EDS): Vis Concept Version 2.0 with rendering and performance interactive behavior enhancements. The new release comes with an improved graphical user interface and an enhanced behavior system. Dynamic re-tessellation improves visual quality. The software also supports Dynamic Levels of Detail (LODs) when viewing large data sets (Enter 544)...MSC.Software has launched MSC.

VisualCollaboration, a real-time application to share CAD files, simulation data, and other important design information via real-time voice, video, text, and graphics; and to receive training and utilize support services. The application supports open GL graphics and multiple operating systems, and can be installed on the user's desktop or via a Java interface. MSC.Software acquired the technology underlying MSC.VisualCollaboration as part of the acquisition of Advanced Enterprise Solutions Inc. (Enter 491)...Alias|Wavefront has launched PortfolioWall 1.5, a presentation tool to review, annotate, collaborate, manage, and select visual digital data using a touchscreen user interface and supporting a wide range of 2D, 3D, and movie file formats (Enter 492)...Cimmetry Systems has announced AutoVue SolidModel, a visualization and markup/annotation solution that natively views 2D and 3D CAD formats, as well as engineering and office formats, without requiring the authoring application. A rich feature set allows users to render their 3D models in several modes, including shaded model, wireframe, silhouette, and hidden line removal. 2D modes and drafts of the model may also be viewed. Mass properties, including center of gravity, moments of inertia, and inertia tensor, may be calculated for a single part or the entire assembly (Enter 493).

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