Banner Engineering's IVU Series Image Sensors with Remote Touch Screen Display

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April 27, 2010

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Banner Engineering's IVU Series Image Sensors with Remote Touch Screen Display

SENSORS: Banner Engineering introduced the iVu Remote Touch Screen Display, the latest addition to Banners innovative iVu Image Sensor series, delivering easy-to-apply yet comprehensive vision inspection to hard-to-access areas. Both the iVu TG Image Sensor and iVu Bar Code Reader—first introduced with integrated touch screens for onsite inspection setup and modifications—are available as iVu Remote Series Sensors, replacing the sensors touch screens with a separate display. This arrangement allows users to program iVu sensors through a single display and change inspection parameters remotely. With the iVu Remote Display, users can realize the benefits of an all-in-one vision inspection solution—with no PC or external devices required—in areas difficult to reach or restricted to personnel access, including sealed work cells, cleanrooms or other certified areas.

The iVu Remote Display boasts the same intuitive programming interface as the iVus integrated touch screen, which speeds operator training and reduces installation time. One display can be used to program multiple iVu sensors. Remote Series Sensors operate independently of the Remote Display, so the display can also be hot-swapped—minimizing downtime when reprogramming sensors to satisfy new application requirements.

Connected via a 3 ft (1m) to 50 ft (16m) cable, the Remote Display facilitates access to the user interface and allows personnel to view inspection images from a distance. The feature proves particularly beneficial in certified application environments, where personnel access could compromise the integrity of the area—thus leading to downtime and potential recertification costs.

The following features make the iVu Remote Touch Screen Display ideal for complex inspections in challenging-to-access areas:

  • Display incorporates two LEDs that provide feedback on the remote sensors operation—one for Power/Error and the other indicating Pass/Fail inspection results

  • 3.5 inch diagonal color LCD flat-panel touch screen display

  • Small, lightweight display unit has ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in hand

  • Can be hot-swapped among multiple live sensors

  • Five cordsets available-up to 50 ft (16m) in length-to connect the display to a remote sensor

  • Exceptionally wide viewing angle-60 degrees left and 60 degrees right; 50 degrees up and 55 degrees down

  • Mounting bracket/docking station and stylus with cable are included.


-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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