AutoQuant Pro Software

April 24, 2006

1 Min Read
AutoQuant Pro Software

Improved FTIR quantitative analysis

This new software is designed to work on MIDAC's FTIR spectrometer systems. Building on the original AutoQuant software, AutoQuant Pro uses a version of the multivariate CLS algorithm created by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center to boost computational speed and performance. A new graphic user interface includes organized displays and menus for tasks ranging from setting instrument parameters to building accurate analytical methods for quantifying components of complex mixtures. The software gains a more accurate sample analysis by allowing multiple calibration points and spectra over the anticipated concentration range, which uses the point closest to the actual concentration of the sample. It also contains enhancements for CEM/CPM applications such as improved data output capability, multiple data collect options, and printable concentration charts and absorbance spectra.


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