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3M Targets Renewable Energy3M Targets Renewable Energy

DN Staff

February 5, 2009

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3M Targets Renewable Energy

3M willleverage its wide technology portfolio in a new Renewable Energy Division thatwill include existing and brand-new technologies. Two business units have beenestablished within the new division: Energy Generation and Energy Management.

"3M's newoperation will serve the renewable energy market globally and bring the bestproducts and technologies from a single source to customers worldwide," saysMichael Roman, who was named vice president and general manager of the newdivision. "3M's leadership will spread the company's next-generation productsto the global marketplace where customers will reap the benefits of having oneface that can provide proven solutions, when the need is of the utmostimportance."

EnergyGeneration will focus on solar energy, wind energy, geothermal and biofuel withproduct solutions such as films, tapes, coatings, encapsulants, sealants andadhesives that help reduce the cost of renewable energy. These products providefunctionality for light management, environmental durability, thermal managementand productivity improvement.

Theresources include 3M's core technologies in materials science that have alreadypaved the way for breakthroughs in concentrating light. For example, 3M panelsconcentrate light and are manufactured to match customer specifications. Andother next-generation films provide durability and reliability required insolar panels, with added properties for ultraviolet stability, low flammabilityand self cleaning.

3M hasalready provided technology in the wind industry for more than a decade.Polyurethane tapes have been used extensively for protecting the leading edgeof wind turbine blades, and 3M's abrasives and safety products have been usedto enhance manufacturing efficiency and safety.

With theformation of the Renewable Energy Division, 3M will focus its expertise infilms, tapes, coatings and adhesives to enhance wind turbine reliability andefficiency. 3M's technologies, for example, may be leveraged to mitigateerosion, fouling and icing of blades, as well as enhanced blade aerodynamics.

In EnergyManagement, 3M received the very first window film patent in 1966 and continuesto be a world leader in window film technology. 3M's window film portfolio hasgrown to include solar management, safety and security and decorativetechnology platforms that are sold in the automotive, commercial building and residentialmarkets.

The PrestigeSeries, one of 3M's lines of window film products, are the first clear andnon-metal-based window films to significantly reduce heat and ultraviolet raysentering a building. These films block up to 66 percent of heat penetrating thewindow, resulting in less stress on air conditioning and lower energy costs. 3Mcontinues to break new ground with innovative products and services in the ever-changingand rapidly expanding energy management market to meet customer needs.

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