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Motion-Control Webinars Cover Basic Concepts

In June 2009, the Thompson division of Danaher Motion offered a Webinar titled “Electric Linear Actuators 101: Basics for Design Engineers.” Unfortunately, an appointment kept me from tuning in at the appointed time. But the company will put the hour-long session in its webinar archives shortly.In the meantime, you can find these archived presentations:

  • Linear Systems 101: Basics for Design Engineers
  • Linear Bearings & Guides 101: Basics for Design Engineers
  • Advanced Linear Bearings & Guides 201: Troubleshooting for Design Engineers
  • Ball Screws 101: Ball Screw Basics for Design Engineers
  • Advanced Ball Screws 201: Troubleshooting for Design Engineers
  • Clutches & Brakes 101: Basics for Design Engineers
  • Gearheads 101: Basics for Design Engineers

on the Thompson Web site at: You must register for live and archived webinars, but the collected information is standard and not intrusive.

Other webinars scheduled for 2009 include:

  • July – Introduction to Slides & Tables
  • August 19 – Tips and Tricks for Linear Bearings & Guides
  • September 23 – Innovative Design Engineering with Ball Screw Technology

If you read this blog entry after September 2009, check the Thompson site at: for information about webinar schedules. I welcome information about other archived and live seminar programs of interest to engineers involved with mechatronics projects. –Jon Titus

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