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Motion control, simplified

Article-Motion control, simplified

Motion control, simplified

Here is a system where all drives-- whether linear or rotational--are based on the same control system. A single bus with the same software operates either type of electromechanical drive.

Introduced by Wittenstein Motion Control GmbH, the "Systematic motion" system applies to both the company's rotational RPS and linear SLS drive systems. Because it combines the gear, ac servomotor, power, and control electronics with CAN bus connection in one housing, Systematic motion eliminates the need to harmonize mechanical and electromechanical interfaces between components.

Integrating all components--from the gear to the electronics--in a compact system without control cabinet gives the user several advantages. Eliminating costly wiring between the control cabinet and drive, for example, increases reliability. Optimum signal transmission directly from the feedback unit to the control reduces the risk of interference. And, since there is no cabinet housing the controller, less space is required to set up the machine.

Wittenstein's TPS rotational and SLS linear actuator form the basis for Systematic mation. The TPS comprises a low-backlash, high-precision planetary gear with high-performance ac servomotor. The SLS is a compact jack screw comprising and a high-precision planetary ball screw, a planetary gear, a high-performance ac servomotor and integrated control and power electronics, with positon control and CAN bus connection. Applications include drives for clean rooms, assembly, and packaging machines.

Additional details...Contact Wittenstein Motion Control GmbH; Tel 011 49 7931 493 473; FAX: 011 49 7931 493 200

; or Circle. 507

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