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Motion Control: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Article-Motion Control: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Motion Control: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

More Power, Flexibility, and Options for Intelligent Control-

Motion control solutions have enjoyed a quantum leap forward in controller power, communications options, and overall software sophistication over the past two decades. And now the beat goes on ... with new PC and PLC-based motion controllers, competing motion networking technologies, and programming options ready to push performance barriers despite the highly diverse needs of motion control applications.

Better, More Flexible and Effective Real-Time Performance : The heart of motion control applications is the processing-intensive, real-time hardware and software that determine motion performance. The current emphasis on reducing cost, size, streamlining system integration, and adding software flexibility has resulted in controllers, drives, and motion ICs that are more highly engineered and capable than ever before. But, of course, the challenge for design engineers is evaluating and picking the "best of breed " products -given the wide range of hardware and software options available -that provides the best value for specific applications.

COMPACT,ACCURATE,REPEATABLE Precision Muscle- Precision motors and actuators apply the intelligence of real-time control to the actual process being controlled -and ultimately the end product itself. These products are indispensable to providing the kind of repeatable accuracies and consistent performance that modern manufacturing applications require. The trends in these products are straightforward -more speed, torque, and precision packed into more compact designs, lower overall costs, streamlined user integration efforts, and greater overall value.

SUCCESS STORIES FROM THE FIELD Smart Automation -From PC-based automation control to unique I/O-based systems for remote monitoring and data acquisition, an increasing variety of automation systems are popping up in industrial applications

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