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Monitor Measures Health of Rotating Machinery

Article-Monitor Measures Health of Rotating Machinery

Monitor Measures Health of Rotating Machinery

A new handheld electronic monitor gauges machine conditions and bearing degradation, then alerts users when their machines fall outside normal ISO (International Organization for Standardization) guidelines.

The Machine Condition Advisor, built by SKF Reliability Systems, is believed to be the first handheld device to deliver warnings when rotating machinery operates outside formal standards, such as the ISO's.

"We measure velocity and enveloped acceleration, and then give you a ratification of how your machine is doing," says Torsten Bark, product project manager for SKF Reliability Systems. "In velocity, there are ISO guidelines for machinery. The Advisor provides alarm and danger warnings based on those guidelines."

Designed for monitoring of rotating machinery in virtually any industry, the product uses the velocity measurements to help spot rotational and structural problems based on vibration. It enables users to recognize such issues as imbalance, resonance, misalignment, looseness and stress to components.

Although guidelines such as the ISO's are typically based on velocity, the Advisor also provides other feedback, including "enveloped acceleration" and temperature readings. The feedback alerts users to early warning signs of bearing degradation, gear mesh problems or lubrication issues.

SKF engineers say the big advantage of the device is that it's simple. By touching the tip of the unit's embedded vibration sensor against the machine, it can calculate the velocity and acceleration. Bark says the Machine Condition Advisor, unlike conventional sensing systems, can be used with one hand.

"The main advantage for the user," he says, "is that it's a quicker way to make a measurement." For more information, go to

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