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Technology for an aging population

Technology for an aging population

A baby born 100 years ago had less than a 50% chance of reaching the age of 65. In contrast, about 80% of children today can expect to live that long. One-third of them will survive to age 85. And not only has life expectancy increased over time, older people are also living healthier, more active lives-thanks to the efforts of design engineers who are dedicating their talent and intellect to extending our years and improving our quality of life as we age.

In this special report on technology for an aging population, we explore the latest advancements in tools used to diagnose and treat two major debilitating and life-threatening diseases-heart disease and diabetes-which can impact people of all ages but are particularly prevalent among seniors. We also examine the latest developments in hearing aid technology, which shows promise in helping the elderly hear more clearly.

In particular, we'll examine the following technologies:

  • Non-invasive imaging techniques that produce quicker, clearer images of the heart for earlier detection and diagnosis of heart disease

  • A revolutionary new glucose monitor for diabetics that measures blood sugar levels through the skin for more comprehensive blood sugar reading

  • A first-of-its-kind implantable hearing aid that eliminates distortion by driving the middle ear directly

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