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Road to ESC Boston: Samsung Galaxy Tablet Teardown

Article-Road to ESC Boston: Samsung Galaxy Tablet Teardown

Here's a Samsung Galaxy Tablet teardown video, as a teaser for ESC Boston, which is coming to the Hynes Convention Center, September 26 through 29.

Are you ready for ESC Boston? The East Coast edition of the embedded systems arenas' big twice-yearly event will take place September 26 through 29 at the Hynes Convention Center. For the Design News community, the conference will provide valuable insight into the electronics side of the interdisciplinary divide, which I've been writing about so much lately.

For developers of PLCs and other automation equipment, there's a track on microcontrollers. ESC is also one tine of a collocated, four-pronged conference series called Design Days Boston. Alongside ESC, this includes DesignCon East, DesignMED, and Designing with LEDs.

ESC is sponsored by sister site EETimes, Embedded Systems Design magazine, and Design News parent company UBM Electronics. I was chatting with colleagues about the conference the other day, which got me to wondering about where I could find intersections between what they're doing at ESC, and what readers of this site are interested in.

That led me to the Android track, and subsequently to the video pasted below. It's not a stretch to believe that Google's Android operating system may soon move beyond its initial beachhead in smartphones and tablets and out into broader applications.

Most immediately, the tablet teardown video below, which is relevant for the materials and assembly insight it provides. If you don't believe me, check out the bit where they take a propane torch to some of the metal used inside the case. They also attempt to break the Gorilla glass covering the screen.

It turns out the video was actually shot at DAC 2010, not ESC, but I think that's incidental to my point. If you'd like to find out about attending ESC Boston, click here. Here is a full list of all conference sessions.

Galaxy Teardown Video

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