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Practical Advice for Securing Medical Device Data in the IoT

Practical Advice for Securing Medical Device Data in the IoT

Myriad industries and consumer product markets are being promised a world of benefits by the Internet of Things (IoT), but medical will particularly stand to take advantage, as it has been often said. However, before medical devices can embrace the IoT and its advantages, manufacturers need to be aware of regulatory considerations due to patient confidentiality and other issues that make medical data sensitive to share, according to an article on our sister publication MD+DI by associate editor Marie Thibault.

Thibault detailed a presentation by Bill Betten, director of business solutions at Devicix, about the storage of and securing a high volume of medical data within an IoT environment. As a medical device developer, Betten made some practical suggestions to keep in mind when regulatory concerns come up with IoT medical devices.

Betten advised that decision-makers in the medical industry must decide, when adding Internet connectivity to a device, whether sources of data that the device accesses are medically relevant and secure, according to the MD+DI article. Other considerations include being sure about who owns the data and knowing what will be done with the data, Betten said.

You can read more about Betten's advice for medical-device data and the IoT in Thibault's article, "Regulatory Tips for IoT Device Developers".

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