MDEAs Celebrate Excellence in Medtech Design and Engineering

May 06, 2015

MD+DI magazine has announced the 2015 finalists in the annual Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA). Every year the competition recognizes the best and most innovative medical devices and diagnostic products on the market in 10 categories:

  • Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products

  • Diagnostic Products and Systems

  • Drug-Delivery Devices and Combination Products

  • General Hospital and Therapeutic Products

  • Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products

  • Medical Product Packaging, Graphic Instructions, and Labeling Systems

  • Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Products

  • Radiological and Electromechanical Devices

  • Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products

  • Surgical Equipment, Instruments, and Supplies

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    “The MDEA program recognizes the achievements of medical device manufacturers, their suppliers, and the many people behind the scenes who are responsible for the the cutting-edge innovations that are saving lives; improving patient healthcare; and transforming medtech worldwide–one innovation at a time.”

    Visit MD+DI to see this year's finalists.

    Winners will be announced at a ceremony held in conjuction with the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Show in New York City on June 9, 2015.

    2015 Medical Design Excellence Awards Finalists | MD+DI

    Chris Wiltz is the Managing Editor of Design News

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