Designer's Corner

June 10, 1996

Biopsy channel

Three parts make up a working endoscope: the camera, light source, and biopsy channel. The channel allows passage of surgical instruments designed to cut and remove tissue.

As the endoscope articulates within the body, sometimes to angles exceeding 180 degrees, the biopsy channel may become twisted, compressed, or otherwise damaged. Repair can be expensive and time consuming.

Solution? A durable, but highly flexible endoscope channel extruded of PTFE. Reinforced with a 303 stainless-steel spring, and drape-coated with polyurethane, the low-friction passageway resists kinking, binding, and wear.

Anthony Green, International Polymer Engineering, 2445 West 10th Place, PO Box 797, Tempe, AZ 85280-0797, 602-967-3265.

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