September 4, 2006

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Adhesive tape keeps horses calm

An adhesive tape from 3M replaces the mechanical fasteners often used to build horse trailers, reducing the stress animals endure when they are transported.

VHB Tape provides enough strength to hold panels on horse trailers while also providing a bit of viscoelasticity to absorb vibrations. A recent study showed that horse trailers made with VHB Tape up to 41 percent quieter at highway speeds and vibration was reduced up to 30 percent over trailers made with mechanical fasteners. Veterinarians say that horses notice even 5 percent decreases in noise and vibration, according to 3M.

The tapes have been crash-tested at up to 60 mph, holding together during the tests. The tape is also used to attach roadside signs to poles, surviving 90 mph wind gusts.

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