Addivant increases capacity for Ultranox 626 antioxidant by more than 40%

Addivant (Danbury, CT) announced last week that it has expanded production capacity by more than 40% for its high-performance antioxidant Ultranox 626 at its plant in Morgantown, WV. The company also is pursuing extension of global food-contact approvals for the additive.

Ultranox 626 is an organo-phosphite antioxidant used in a variety of polymers including polyolefins, elastomers and engineering plastics. It has a higher phosphorus concentration than traditional phosphite antioxidants, according to Addivant, and, therefore, can be used at a lower concentration. This results in low migration and low volatile-content plastics, which are major requirements of the packaged food and automotive markets.

Earlier this year, Addivant announced the completion of a three-fold expansion of its polyethylene and elastomer food-contact antioxidant Weston 705.

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