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Accumold Brings Micro Molds to IME East

Article-Accumold Brings Micro Molds to IME East

Accumold Accumold
The micro-molding company will display its incredibly tiny medical device parts at the MD&M East show in New York.

Want to see some molded parts that are so small a dime looks huge by comparison? Accumold will take its micro molding expertise to the MD&M East show in New York, NY on June 13-15 2023. The company will be showcasing examples of the small and intricate parts that it has developed for medical device OEMs.

The medical device industry continually seeks smaller products and components with ever more exacting and often micron-level tolerances. The industry demands absolute precision, totally repeatable manufacturing processes, and zero failure rates for products that are frequently used in safety-critical applications. Accumold works and partners with companies that are working on advanced design and manufacture.


“We are looking forward to the MD&M East show in June. Med Device is a big part of our current growth strategies and foundational for our strategic business initiatives in the future,” Paul Runyan, VP of sales at Accumold, told Design News. “We continue to see significant opportunities as customers miniaturize key components in their devices and are looking for micro solutions for their future projects.  Accumold has collaborated with several Med Device companies on innovations like micro silicone over molding, thin wall molding, lead frame/insert molding, and light assembly of micro components.”

Since 1985, Accumold has been involved in the art and science of micro molding. The company is a leading manufacturer of extraordinarily small plastic parts that require extreme precision — typically measured in microns. The company produces small-sized parts with micro features from 5 cm to less than 1 mm. The production involves specific expertise in insert molding, two-shot molding, and cleanroom molding using an array of materials including PEEK, LCP, and most engineering thermoplastics.

Accumold operates as a one-stop partner in the development and manufacture of medical devices and components. The company offers design and material assistance, micro tool fabrication, proprietary micro molding services, cutting-edge metrology, assembly, and automation, and this facilitates the streamlining of customer’s medical product development process, and the attainment of optimal outcomes in terms of timeliness, cost, and accuracy.

In the medical device sector, Accumold works as an enabler. The company can take on the challenge that many medical product designers face, namely finding a product development partner that can make their ever more ambitious, innovative, and complex designs a reality.

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