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Vertical Bonding Medical Adhesive Provides a Precise, Clean Solution for Bonding Vertical Surfaces

MATERIALS:   Master Bond’s newly developed EP42HT 2ND2 has a paste-like consistency and facilitates the adhesive’s application when bonding vertical surfaces. This no-run two part epoxy fully complies with the testing requirements for USP Class VI biocompatibility. EP42HT 2ND2 cures readily at ambient temperatures and exhibits superior thermal stability for service up to 450F. It forms high strength bonds that are unaffected by sterilization processes such as radiation, ethylene oxide, chemical sterilants and steam, along with outstanding resistance to inorganic and organic acids, alkalis and organic solvents.The cured biocompatible epoxy adhesive is an excellent electrical insulator with a volume resistivity greater than >10 14 ohm-cm. While EP42HT 2ND2 is a superior adhesive, sealant and coating, it is also castable to thicknesses exceeding 2-3 inches. A post cure of 200-266F for two to three hours enhances physical properties including heat resistance. As a no drip formulation EP42HT 2ND2 provides a precise and clean bonding solution for the vertical surface set ups often found in medical assemblies.

Master Bond is a premier medical grade adhesives manufacturer offering an extensive line of medical device adhesives, sealants and medical coatings. One and two-part medical adhesive systems specifically designed for use in both disposable and reusable medical devices stand up to standard disinfectants and sterilization procedures. Medical epoxy systems meet USP Class VI biocompatibility standards.

- Edited by Liz Taurasi


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