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Trapezoidal screws have centralizing threads

Article-Trapezoidal screws have centralizing threads

Trapezoidal screws have centralizing threads

PowerAc TMtrapezoidal screws from Nook Industries have centralizing threads that maintain alignment of the thread axis. The screws are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards. "We are finding more customers designing with global sales in mind, so they are asking for metrics," says Rick Christyson, chief engineer at Nook. The company offers eight sizes from 10 to 65 mm. The screws are accurate to within plus or minus 0.1 mm per 300-mm lead. "The screw's threads are made with a 30 degrees angle. We make the nuts to match, so there is no wedging or binding. Keeping the tolerances tight also lowers the friction and extends the life of the products," says Christyson. Plastic and bronze nuts are matched with screw capacities. Customers choose trapezoidal screws made from stainless steel for food and medical applications or high-carbon 4140 alloy steel for machine tool, packaging, and other industrial applications. PowerAc screws are compatible with the company's EZZE-MOUNT(TM)bearing supports for 16-, 20-, 26-, 40-, 55-, and 65-mm universal face/foot-mount bearing supports and 16-, 20-, 26-, 40-, and 55-mm flange-mount bearing supports.

Additional Details...Contact Nook Industries Inc., 4950 East 49th St., Cleveland, OH 44125; Tel: (216) 271-7900; FAX: (216) 271-7020;

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