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Product News

Product News

Plate fin coil

The line of Duralite(TM) plate fin coils is engineered for either steam or liquid use and can be applied to either heating or cooling applications. Steam coils are available in centifeed (steam-distribution tube type), standard (opposite-end connection), and two-row, return-bend constructions. Liquid heating coils are available in return-header design in one- or two-row configurations, and return-bend design where two or more rows are specified.

Armstrong International,
Enter 622


A detachable, insulation-displacement connector system designed primarily for heavy industrial use, HARAX(R) combines the advantages of connectors and screwed-cable glands in a single technology. Removing the cable insulation, inserting the non-stripped wires into the HARAX system, and tightening a screw cap provide quick termination.

Harting Inc. of North America,
Enter 623

RF connectors

A vertical BNC connector for use on PCBs is built with a gold center pin with small fins. Upon pressing the connector into the board, the fins firmly wedge into the mounting hole. Because only the unit's center pin has fins, the device uses existing footprints to contain the pin and all four posts. Titled the PressFit(TM), the connector's design prevents floating during the solder operation.

Bomar Interconnect Products,
Enter 624

EMI/RFI doors

A door system for EMI/RFI-shielded enclosures offers a pneumatically operated latching device that eliminates the need for excessive force to access the enclosure. The auto-latching mechanism is activated when the door is pulled or pushed into a closed position, maintaining a controlled positive seal of the perimeter contact fingers. A push-button actuator, unlatch function releases the latch system for exiting.

Lindgren(TM) RF Enclosures Inc.,
Enter 625

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