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Product News

Product News

Suspension components

"Elephant feet" for rail, consisting of a custom-engineered design of elastomer- and metal-bonded components, were developed as a transportation solution to absorb, dampen, and control large forces occurring in several directions. The result is a "foot" that absorbs shock, handles heavy loads, and protects internal components from dust, dirt, and debris. Cleaning is reportedly simplified by a contoured, uncomplicated exterior.

Chicago Rawhide, 735 Tollgate Rd., Elgin, IL 60123-9332; FAX (847) 742-3373.

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Adhesive dispenser

The MIXPAC(R)Hand-Held Adhesive Dispensing System for two-component adhesives uses a manual or pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge, and a static mixer. Used in the repair and assembly of electronic components, the dispensing system can be tailored for specific applications.

ConProTec, 6 Raymond Ave., Salem, NH 03079; FAX (603) 893-3737.;

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Floating clinch nuts

These floating clinch nuts are designed to provide strong threads in thin sheet metal by using a movable nut element that provides for mating panel misalignment. They are available with heat-treated carbon steel and 300 series stainless steel housings. The nut housing incorporates an improved STARBURST(TM)retainer design, which provides increased torque resistance for the inner locking nut element.

Captive Fastener Corp., 19 Thornton Rd., Oakland, NJ 07436; FAX (201) 337-1012;

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Tooling system

Seco Capto quick change tooling system can increase machine productivity and reduce the number of tools that need to be kept in stock by allowing users to build tools in combinations for use in all types of machine tools. It may also minimize set-up time since presetting may be done away from the machine. The new product line includes toolholders for negative inserts, as well as company-brand inserts.

Carboloy Inc., Box 330237, Detroit, MI 48232-6237; FAX (810) 497-5602;

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Structural adhesives

SPEEDBONDER(TM)structural acrylic adhesives are formulated to provide tough, durable bonds to a variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, and composites. 100% reactive, low odor, and non-flammable to meet health and safety requirements, the non-sagging gels require little or no surface preparation and cure rapidly at room temperature. Capable of filling gaps as large as 2 inches, the adhesive will withstand temperature up to 250F.

Loctite, 1001 Trout Brook Crossing, Rocky Hill, CT 06067; FAX (860) 571-5465;

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Titanium bolt

The Maxibolt(R)Blind Bolt is designed for metallic and composite blind fastening aerospace applications. The bolts are rated at 95KSI shear strength and install flush and burr free, requiring no shaving. Sizes available include 4, 5, 6, and 8 nominal diameters in flush head, protruding head, and 130 degrees flush head styles. Current applications include helicopters, transports, fighters, engines, missiles, and spacecraft.

Textron Aerospace Fasteners, 1224 East Warner Ave. Box 2157, Santa Ana, CA 92707-0157; FAX (714) 850-6093.

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Laminator/bonding systems

Model 3200 Tacker and Model 6300 Laminator systems combine with the Model 6800 Bonding system to provide an integrated solution for the manufacture of flat panel LCD displays. Customizable to suit the many sizes of LCD displays now used, the system is recommended to optimize productivity in high-mix manufacturing environments due to its ability to eliminate the variability and the inefficiencies that are inherent with the manual ACF tracking and laminating process.

MicroJoin, 13535 Danielson St., Poway, CA 92064; FAX (858) 877-2110;

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Two styles of this push-to-close latch are available. The self-adjusting grip version features interlocking serrations on both the pawl and the keeper to accommodate grip variations. The pawl is also spring-loaded to accommodate variations in edge-distance from the keeper. When a cabinet is left partially closed, the spring-loaded serrations "grab" the door and hold it in place. The fixed-grip style has a straight pawl and is suited for perpendicular door/frame configurations, and vertical installations. In the closed position, the knob stores flush within the latch.

Southco, 210 Brinton Lake Rd., Concordville, PA 19331; FAX (610) 459-4012;

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This line of connectors and adapters is reported to meet FCC Part 15 regulations through reverse, or left-hand, threads. Only the threads are modified because standard coaxial connectors will not mate with them. All connectors and adapters feature nickel-plated bodies and gold-plated pins and contacts. Among others, TNC Males with reverse threads include the RT-1203-1X crimp for RG-8X cable, and Reverse threaded TNC Females include the RT-1208 right-angle PCB mount with diecast metal body.

RF Connectors, 7610 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126; FAX (858) 549-6345;

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Adhesive tape

Arcare(R)8874 and Arcare(R)8881 are two non-metallic, electrically conductive acrylic adhesive-based tapes intended for bonding the connector components of the electrode to a second substrate. Designed to ease the transmission of signals sent through the adhesive to make the electrical connection, they can be used in a variety of multifunctional electrodes. Both adhesives are also flexible enough reportedly to replace soldering bonding methods that use metallic materials.

Adhesives Research Inc., Box 100, Glen Rock, PA 17327; FAX (717) 235-8320;

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Double-loop polyurethane elastomeric material assembled to zinc-plated steel hubs gives the K-COUPLING(R)enough axial flexibility to accommodate large parallel and angular misalignment. Because the unit adjusts to axial end play, the coupling reduces thrust loads, allows for assembly in tight quarters, and allows variable end-to-end distance. The design also reportedly damps and isolates system vibrations, operates quietly, and resists corrosion, solvents, ozone, and most oils.

Acushnet Rubber Co. Inc., Box 6916, New Bedford, MA 02742; FAX (508) 998-4100;

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Ring remover

Designed to remove multiple-turn rings and intended to simplify field assembly, the Spiral Retaining Ring Removal Tool fits precisely between the ring layers to access the removal notch. When slipped in place, the tool surrounds and encapsulates the removal notch, which minimizes slipping as the user pulls the ring's free end out radially and up for removal. Four standard ends are available: small straight, small 90 degrees bend, large straight, and large 90 degrees bend.

Smalley Steel Ring Co., 385 Gilman Ave., Wheeling, IL 60090; FAX (847) 537-7698;

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Symmetrical, 16-fold twin columns let users bay the TS8 enclosure on all sides. Each vertical section can accommodate hinges for an enclosure panel, and the rear panel can be replaced with a second door. Two fixing levels on the rails let users simultaneously install equipment on both the inner and outer levels. The enclosure is backward compatible with hardware from its PS enclosure predecessor.

Rittal Corp., One Rittal Place, Springfield, OH 45504; FAX (937) 390-5599;

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Integrated modular system

The Dynamic Assembly System is used in the electronic and electrical industries to provide a modular factory concept platform in light assembly applications that can be adapted for future needs. Combining flow oriented production control and modular automation, it reportedly increases production efficiency as an ergonomic solution for manual assembly. With manual to automatic assembly, the system features product changes, stepwise capacity build-up, and a high volume mix flexibility with "push or pull" capability.

Flexlink Systems, 1530 Valley Center Parkway Suite 200, Bethlehem, PA 18017; FAX (610) 954-7045;

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Shaft collars

Stafford Two-Pieced Balanced Collars reportedly simplify installation and minimize vibration on rotating shafts. They feature opposed clamping screws which evenly distribute their weight on the collar and are easy to affix onto installed shafts by tightening one screw and rotating to tighten the other. In high speed applications, they minimize vibration because of balance. The shaft collars come in steel and stainless steel in 11 standard bore sizes.

Stafford Manufacturing Corp., Box 2370, Woburn, MA 01888; FAX (978) 657-4731;

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Tempseal Cement No. 3 is said to be highly resistant to both high temperature and moisture, properties which its manufacturer says were long thought to be mutually exclusive. The product contains a lithium silicate binder hybrid and proprietary fillers, and has a reported heat tolerance of up to 3,000F. The cement is available with a variety of thermal expansion coefficients for bonding to ceramics, metal, and glass.

Sauereisen, 160 Gamma Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2989; FAX (412) 963-7620;

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