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Vibratory rectangular screeners, with fully enclosed magnetic drive, can screen many bulk materials from micron size to bulky chunks. Units with grizzly trays are used in scalping or coarse screening operations. Screened trays provide greater control for dedusting or dewatering. Regardless of tray style, materials are handled gently and accurate control of feed rates is retained.

Eriez Magnetics,

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TECTOR-NET(TM) protective netting, created from low-density polyethylene, protects complex-shaped parts that normally require special packaging. The Close Mesh line is available in diameters from .25 inch to 12 inches. Heavy Gauge lines are available in flexible diameters to 8 inches. Large rolls are shipped on spools, while smaller rolls are delivered in a convenient dispenser box. Cut-to-length netting is also offered.

Alliance Plastics,

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Zetpol 1000L and 1020L hydrogenated nitrile butadiene elastomers are derived from a base polymer technology which is said to provide excellent processing characteristics while maintaining high heat, oil, ozone, and chemical resistance. The 1000L elastomer features a fully saturated backbone for heat and ozone resistance required for gas and diesel applications, while 1020L has a slightly lower saturation for use in pumps and motors in the oil industry.

Zeon Chemicals,

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Thermal adhesives

TRA-BOND 2159 is a thermally conductive epoxy designed for bonding transistors, diodes, resistors, integrated circuits, and other heat-sensitive components to circuit boards. It develops strong, high-impact bonds at room temperature and readily bonds to itself, metals, glass, plastics, silica, steatite, alumina, sapphire, and other ceramics. It is manufactured as a two-part adhesive, and provides resistance to a wide range of solvents.

Tra-Con Inc.,

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