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Product News

Product News

Cable assembly

Custom fabricated cable harness kits are now available from this company. The products can contain a variety of items which can be marked, bar coded, and labelled, and then packaged in bags or boxes with one part number rather than several. The kits can include electromechanical parts and cable harnesses, and are said to be 100% electrically tested.

JEM Electronics
Enter 604

Medium-viscosity adhesive

A medium-viscosity polyamide epoxy adhesive works best in situations that require easy mixing, good wetting, and high-impact strength. Whether laminating, sealing, or bonding, this electrically resistive material can bond to metals, ceramics, wood, plastics, leathers, rubber, or concrete. It is a low CTE, low-water absorption material that resists petroleum solvents, salts, mild acids, and alkalis. This 100% solids material also has a room-temperature cure.

Tra-Con Inc.
Enter 605

Hoist rings

Side-pull hoist rings are designed for side mounting on vertical surfaces for loads that need to be lifted and turned over. The weldless ring swivels a full 360 degrees and reportedly can accommodate larger lifting hooks. Other hoist ring styles are also available.

Carr Lane Manufacturing
Enter 606

Silicone oil

Pure silicone oil #2000 is said to be a fine synthetic lubricating oil which never hardens or evaporates and operates from -35 to 300F. The product is available in viscosities of 10, 50, and 100 cs, while color coded labels help users differentiate between viscosities. Applications include wrist watches, pocket watches, clocks, meters, dial indicators, and parking meters.

Frank Hillson Co.
Enter 637

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