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Product News

Product News

Molded components

Plastic tubing and molded components are created through a high-energy process that permanently alters the polymeric matrix by converting the material to a cross-linked PE. This process can be used on HDPE to produce parts with in-service temperatures as high as 120C. At 80C, the treated tubing performs up to 870 psi.

E-BEAM Services,

Enter 620

Steel powders

Melting process, with a nominal melt size of 20 tons, provides enough capacity to match the most aggressive needs. The process works with stainless steel powders with green-strength values more comparable to iron-powder grades. Melt capabilities stem from an electric-arc furnace and Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) processing. The AOD process provides higher chemical consistency than through previous induction melting processes.

Hoeganaes Corp.,

Enter 621


Custom-fabricated sapphire optics provide a Moh 9 surface hardness and can be manufactured as lenses to specifications from 1/2 inch to 4 inches OD. The optics can also be fabricated as windows up to 9 inches OD and as domes with included angles up to 160 degrees and a 4-inch OD. Available from 0.5 to 3 mm thick, the optics have surface finishes to 10-5 scratch-dig.

Meller Optics Inc.,

Enter 622

Mineral-filled nylon

Kelon B FR H CET/30-VO is a low-warp nylon designed to be a drop-in alternative to amorphous resins in electrical and electronic applications. The product is also said to provide good rigidity and chemical resistance and shrinks uniformly in all directions. Applications include flow meters and relays.

Lati USA,

Enter 623


The LHC 25/30/36 Coater for application of film or sugar-coating of pills or tablets incorporates a specialized drum size for the optimal feed rates required in R&D or small-quantity production. It operates by drawing film-spray solution and drying air in the same direction onto and through the product bed.

Lodige Process Technology,

Enter 624

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