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SPEEDBOARD(TM) C prepreg is composed of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) that has been impregnated with a modified BT resin. The air space inside the ePTFE is replaced with resin, and the ePTFE becomes the carrier for the resin. Eventually, the resin flows, fills, and bonds during the lamination process in the same manner as glass-based thermoset prepreg. The conformable ePTFE toughens the dielectric, enabling surface planarization for high-density fine lines and spaces.

W.L. Gore And Associates Inc.,

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Machinable glass ceramic can be produced in sizes up to 20 inches and is readily machinable on conventional equipment with standard cutting tools. Rescor 914 is dense and vacuum tight, inert to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, and has low thermal conductivity. With a maximum operating temperature of 1,000F, it can be utilized in such applications as electrical insulation, furnace components, and RF heating fixtures.

Cotronics Corp.,

Enter 612

Bin activator

Bin activators for material handling have been redesigned and improved. Design changes include a new vibrator assembly, sanitary design, and variable rate, while smaller units (less than six ft) now offer a vibrator which is more economical than past units. The line also includes expanded to include a new series of bin dischargers.

Vibra Screw Inc.,

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The LHC 25/30/36 Coater for application of film or sugar-coating of pills or tablets incorporates a specialized drum size for optimal feed rates required in R&D or small-quantity production. It operates by drawing film-spray solution and drying air in the same direction onto and through the product bed.

Lodige Process Technology,

Enter 614

Thermal interface compound

TIC-7500(TM) thermal interface compound is designed to provide low thermal resistance for use with faster and hotter microprocessors, without the need for evaporators, bigger fans, or channeled air flow for extra cooling. The product is said to provide thermal conductivity of 7.5 W/m-K, which tests out to half the thermal resistance as the best silicone grease on 950 MHz and 1 GHz chips.


Enter 615

Mineral-filled nylon

Kelon B FR H CET/30-VO is a low-warp nylon designed to be a drop-in alternative to amorphous resins in electrical and electronic applications. The product is also said to provide good rigidity, chemical resistance, and flame resistance, and shrinks uniformly in all directions. Applications include control housings, measuring devices, flow meters, circuit breaker housings, connectors, and relays.

Lati USA,

Enter 616


ECTFE-based composite coating engineered for use on metallic surfaces has a maximum operating temperature of 300F. Coating thickness ranges from nominal 0.045 inch on interior and wetted surfaces to a nominal 0.010 inch on exterior surfaces. It can also be applied at a thickness of up to 0.12 inch to provide adequate abrasion resistance. Optional systems provide fully automatic operation.


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