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Product News

Product News

Operator enclosure

CC4000 Operator Interface Enclosure System has a modular design which is said to provide good visual appeal, design flexibility, ergonomic positioning, and ease of specification. The product is designed for use with flat screen OI devices while providing high performance and durability. Components are available in a variety of mounting configurations, styles, and sizes.


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Enclosure material

XFEF30 connector kits are designed to work with this company's aluminum structural XF and clear Lexan to create a lightweight and strong enclosure with rounded edges and covered T-slots. The product automatically tightens and locks parts in place when they are inserted, and is said to eliminate the need for angle brackets.

FlexLink Systems,

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Flexible vinyl graphics from this company are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. The product is said to conform to curved surfaces, has a rounded shoulder to ease cleaning, and are available with bright or brushed chrome or gold laminates. Sizes range up to 17 x 17 inches in either 0.020- or 0.040-inch thicknesses.

Douglas Corp.,

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Workholding clamps

Micro Lo-Profile(TM) clamps provide both horizontal and vertical clamping action. The clamps are said to provide maximum access to workpieces while optimizing the maximum number of pieces in a fixture. Options include tool steel with a knife edge for stock removal, or flat edge for general work.


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Photo repair adhesive

Tra-Bond 2126 is designed to be an optically opaque thixotropic material for maximum strength at room-temperature curing. It's said to be suitable for applications where the blocking of light is needed along with good mechanical and electrical integrity. The product is said to hold at up to 145C and has a low coefficient of expansion for use in photographic applications in labs or production lines.

Tra-Con Inc.,

Enter 654

Fastening tools

46 Series is a new line of compact, high-speed, low-torque dc electric nutrunners. Compatible with this company's CS4000 and CS5000 controllers, the line includes a right angle tool rated at a reported 10 Nm, and in-line tools with ratings of 5, 10, and 15 Nm. All models are available in hand-held and fixtured versions with 1/4 or 3/8 inch male square drives.

Advanced Assembly Group,

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