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Product News

Product News

Oils and greases

UniFlor(TM)oils and greases are part of this company's expanded line of perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants. Because they are formulated with PFPE oils, they reportedly offer excellent lubricity; function at extreme temperatures; are thermooxidatively stable and chemically inert; resist harsh chemicals; don't swell, shrink, crack, craze, or burn; and ensure low outgassing and low volatility. The products are divided into five series, each designed for a different type of application, with more than 50 different greases available.

Nye Lubricants, 12 Howland St., Fairhaven, MA 02719; FAX (508) 997-5285; www.

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Nylon resin

MINMAX(TM)is an industrial-grade nylon resin compound, formulated for use in cost-sensitive applications. Offered in a range of custom-compounded grades, including unfilled, glass-filled, mineral-filled, and glass- and mineral-filled grades, as well as heat-stabilized and medium and high impact-modified grades. The resin comes in either black or neutral color and is recommended for applications that demand commercial color-coding.

M.A. Hanna Engineering Materials, 4955 Avalon Ridge Pkwy. Suite 300, Norcross, GA 30071; FAX (770) 243-7020; www.

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Thermoplastic compounds

These thermoplastic compounds change color when exposed to body temperatures (88F) or hot responses (113F). Colorcomp(R)thermochromic compounds are created by adding thermochromic pigments to low-temperature resins such as polypropylene or thermoplastic elastomers. Customers can specify what color the plastic will appear before and after exposure to heat. Some applications include tea kettles, infant feeding spoons, automotive radiator shrouds, and medical devices.

LNP Engineering Plastics, 475 Creamery Way, Exton, PA 19341; FAX (610) 363-4749;

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CHEMBUIT/P(TM) is a flexible ducting product made entirely of PTFE Teflon(R)and is rated for a constant temperature of 500F. A PTFE coil reportedly results in a flexible, non-porous, and non-flammable product that also has excellent elasticity. Unlike traditional steel springs that restrict flow permanently when deformed by heavy objects, this flexible duct can spring back to its original round shape to allow maximum flow. It can be used in positive or negative pressures regardless of chemical exposure.

Textiles Coated International, 105 Route 101A, Amherst, NH 03031-0532; FAX (603) 883-9956;

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Urethane elastomers

Durethane(TM)M microcellular foam urethane elastomers are flexible and recommended for use in business machine components like postal meters, low-volume feed rollers, printing pads, actuator pads, and idler belts, where parts must endure repeated compression cycles. Mechanically mixed, self- cleaning, and non-glazing, the urethane foam has a uniform cell size, which allows components to return to their original shape after being compressed.

Mearthane Products Corp., 16 Western Industrial Dr., Cranston, RI 02921-3403; FAX (401) 943-8210;

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Nylon compound

Designed to meet the demands of fragile electrical terminal block carriers, the 200 Series nylon compound displays tensile strength of 15,000 psi and a flexural modulus of 0.90 psix10 6 . It has a tensile modulus of 1.10 psix10 6 , is UV resistant, and is rated UL94 V-0. By offering both rigidity and good flow, it reportedly keeps the costs low by avoiding alternative molding methods.

RTP Co., Box 5439, Winona, MN 55987-0439; FAX (507) 454-2041;

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