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Plastics, Metals, and Other Materials

Plastics, Metals, and Other Materials


Designed as thermo-mechanical and electrical insulation, Refractory Sheet Type RS-1200 is an organic high-strength composite in an alumina ceramic matrix. It has no asbestos or RCF fibers and can be used in temperatures up to 1,300C. Applications include furnace tops, front/back plates and bases, terminal blocks, and induction coil support posts and coil liners.

ZIRCAR Refractory Composites Inc.,

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Alloy resin

XYLEX(TM) resin consists of aliphatic polyester with polycarbonate, designed to balance chemical resistance and ductility while offering transparent or opaque special effects. The family of resins include five grades, ranging in applications from telecommunications and consumer electronics to optical eyewear and automotive interior components. According to the company, the resins offer optimal design flexibility.

GE Plastics,

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Structural adhesives

The Hyosol(R) epoxy and hot-melt adhesives are used for bonding in industrial assembly applications. The epoxies, designed for potting use, consist of high-performance, fast-setting, general-purpose, and high-temperature grades. Hot melts reportedly offer low temperature flexibility, high tensile and impact strength, low flammability, and chemical resistance, as included in technologies like polyolefin, EVA, polyamide, and reactive urethane.

Loctite Corp.,

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Water-based overcoat

Santel 543 is a glossy water-based overcoat intended to offer scuff resistance and fast curing time for printed and non-printed boards. Using oven or infrared drying systems, it may be applied over wet or semi-dry inks. As a glueable and printable varnish, it reduces spray and powder use. Other applications include use in standard coating apparatus, and on coating equipment in a sheet fed offset press.

ADM Tronics.

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Hydrophilic products

The Arflow(TM) family of heat-sealable hydrophilic thin films, hydrophilic PSA tapes, and hydrophilic thin film and ultra-thin film coatings is designed to lower biological fluid surface tension and to bond device components. The company states the products allow for separation between test reagents and the sampling port, reducing chemical interference risk. The products reportedly also cut down on time for analysis.

Adhesives Research Inc.

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Diamond coating

The DiaMon(TM) CVD polycrystalline diamond coating is intended to improve longevity on carbide cutting tools by as much as 10 to 50 times. This hard coating, rated at 10,000 Vickers, resists wear on materials such as composites, plastics, graphite, green ceramics, and non-ferrous alloys. Available in a 1 to 5 micron crystal size, the coating does not react with corrosive acids.

Diamond Tool Coating

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Thermal interface compound

TIC-7500(TM) thermal interface compound is designed to provide low thermal resistance for use with faster and hotter microprocessors, without the need for evaporators, bigger fans, or channeled air flow for extra cooling. The product is said to provide thermal conductivity of 7.5 W/m-K, which tests out to half the thermal resistance as the best silicone grease on 950 MHz and 1 GHz chips.


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Hydrophilic coating

The solvent-free Hydak coatings are designed with emulsion polymer technology and used in medical device manufacturing. They adhere to stainless steel and metallic or polymeric substrates, as well as plasticized PVC and polycarbonate substrates. The coatings consist of an aqueous emulsion base coat, Hydak DC-8, and an aqueous hydrophilic polymer top coat, Hydak A-16.

Biocoat Inc.,

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SPEEDBOARD(TM) C prepreg is composed of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) that has been impregnated with a modified BT resin. The air space inside the ePTFE is replaced with resin, and the ePTFE becomes the carrier for the resin. Eventually, the resin flows, fills, and bonds during the lamination process in the same manner as glass-based thermoset prepreg. The conformable ePTFE toughens the dielectric, enabling surface planarization for high-density fine lines and spaces.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,

Enter 602

Thermal interface

The ABLETHERM 3100 series features advanced thermal interface materials for high performance, flip chip BGA packages. The materials have low moisture absorption and a low-stress bond between the chip and thermal lid that withstands 1,000 temperature cycles under condition B (-75 to 125C) without delaminating. The adhesive properties also enable their use for FCBGA lid attach applications.

Ablestik Laboratories,

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Bin activator

Bin activators for material handling have an improved redesign. Design changes include a new vibrator assembly, sanitary design, and variable rate, while smaller units (less than 6 ft) now offer a vibrator which is more economical than past units.

Vibra Screw Inc.,

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