Plastic cart eases in-plant mobility

Cleveland--Transporting highly machined parts that weigh 50 lbs each has just become an easier, safer job. The costly components, made by a leading aircraft company, now ride on a specially designed polycarbonate cart.

Made from a rugged high-impact plastic (GE Plastics' Lexan(reg)), the cart outperforms ordinary industrial metal carts, according to its manufacturer, Qube Corp. Inc. (Chagrin Falls, OH). "This results from the cart's lighter weight, rounded corners, and specially engineered shelves," says William Cody, Qube's national sales and marketing manager. "And the cart won't rust, dent, or corrode."

In addition, the custom-made cart beats its metal counterparts when it comes to cost. Cody estimates the plastic cart costs 15% to 20% less than its steel or wire counterparts.

"No question about it, the polycarbonate cart answered our customer's special needs," Cody adds. "We can customize carts to meet any specification, or our engineers can create a completely new product."

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