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PennEngineering's PEM Spinning Clinch Bolts with Captive Screw

PennEngineering's PEM Spinning Clinch Bolts with Captive Screw

Patented PEM(R) spinning clinch bolts for thin metal panels have been introduced with a self-retracting feature enabling the fastener's captive screw to remain retracted when disengaged. During fastener installation, controlled clinching action permanently captivates the retractable screw-and-spring combination in the metal sheet and allows the screw to spin freely for quick attachment of mating hardware. These fasteners can replace loose hardware and serve as practical and economical alternatives to multi-component captive screw assemblies.

PEM Type SCBR(TM) spinning clinch bolts can permanently captivate into aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .040 inch/1.02 mm (and greater) and can be specified for close centerline-to-edge applications.

Installation is achieved by simply pressing the fastener into a properly sized mounting hole and then applying squeezing force on the top of the screw head and the underside of the sheet material. The squeezing action forces the displacer of the screw into the sheet, causing it to reduce the mounting-hole diameter and captivate the screw.

PEM spinning clinch bolts with the self-retracting feature are available in various lengths and thread sizes from #4-40 through #8-32 and M3 through M4.

PennEngineering's PEM Spinning Clinch Bolts with Captive Screw
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