Moving-magnet linear motor

Eliminating slider cables prevents associated cable fatigue. A magnet slider moves over stationary coil assembly, and a built-in switching circuit energizes only the coils directly below the magnets. The stationary coil simplifies forced-cooling, increases heat dissipation, and boosts continuous-force output.

Departing from an exposed-magnet-track design makes operation safer and fixture design simpler. Without steel laminations, the motor operates smoothly with lower cogging and vibration effects. Optional built-in encoder eliminates reader head and scale units, and reduces assembly time.

Applications include material handling, pick-and-place, winding machines, flying shear, metrology, and dispensing. Stainless-steel version is available for pharmaceutical and food and beverage applications.

Tom Schmidt, Anorad, 110 Oser Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788; Tel: (516) 231-1995.

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