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Good thermal conductivity

Solderable aluminum, a heat management product for cooling electronic devices, is available as a composite. The product has the solderability of copper and the light weight of aluminum in one strip. Using the product simplifies joining aluminum by eliminating the need for chemical activation. Technical Materials Enter 623


Fast drying, no mixing

Toridex NZ-2 aqueous coating reportedly resists heat and grease, sealing without the need for zinc compounds or metal modifiers. Fast drying and requiring no mixing or diluting, Toridex is used in flexible packaging, folding box and general converting applications, and is applied using standard coating apparatus. ADM Tronics, Enter 624


Extrude, blow-mold, or inject

Optimum(R) durable colorfast plastic is an impact-resistant resin with excellent physical properties in many conditions, the company reports. The co-polyester takes a wide range of colorants including metal flakes, and is scratch resistant. It is reportedly suitable for molded parts that do not need paint. The material cannot stain and is designed to remain color true for the life of the part. Engineered Plastics Corp., Enter 625


For high volume applications

High-performance MICROLAM(R) 630 dielectric, low-loss microvia material for modules and PCBs contains standard BT resin and a toughening matrix. It features thickness uniformity, CAF reliability, buried via filling capabilities, and reportedly excellent surface planarization. MICROLAM's low dielectric constant allows thinner layers for improved microvia aspect ratios and faster laser drilling throughput. W.L. Gore & Associates, Enter 626


Excellent electrical properties

Double-clad laminate materials offer a low dielectric constant for controlled impedance, and dimensional stability for dense fine-line applications. R/flex 3850 laminate is made in a variety of copper and LCP thicknesses. Applications include wireless handsets, high-density flip-chip packages and moisture-resistant sensors. Features include chemical resistance, dielectric constant of 2.9, dissipation factor of 0.002 at 10 GHz and low moisture absorption. Rogers Corp., Enter 627

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