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Maintains physical properties

PermaFlex(R), designed to retain its physical properties over a range of conditions, combines the elastic properties of rubber materials with the abrasion resistance of plastics. Made of all FDA-approved ingredients, it can be used in such industries as food, packing, and medical. It is available with a tensile strength up to 7,000 psi, and it can reportedly maintain its properties at temperatures from -40 to 300F. Engineered Plastics Enter 577


Fast-setting, hand-castable

All four of the RenCast(TM) Fast polyurethanes offer a reportedly convenient resin-to-hardener mix ratio, but none are formulated with mercury. The 6492 and 6496 are Shore D, while the 6493 and 6494 are Shore A, and they are designed to be demolded in under four hours, depending on mold temperature. Each product is designed for a variety of applications. Vantico, Inc., Enter 578

Polycarbonate sheet

Longer service life

Providing glass-like surface hardness with an impact strength of polycarbonate, Makrolon(TM) AR is an abrasion and enhanced UV resistant sheet. Reported to offer increased resistance to yellowing and hazing, it is designed to work well for view windows and machine guards in harsh chemical environments. Typical applications include hospital, school, and Level 1 detention glazing. Sheffield Plastics, Inc., Enter 579

Urethane foams

Absorbs thermal expansion

Designed for use in telecommunications gasket and sealing applications, the 0.3 - 1.0 mm gauge Korel(R) products are offered on PET liner for added stability in die-cutting. It is recommended for such applications as lens and cover seals, speaker and sound management gaskets, and LCD gaskets. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Enter 580

Encapsulation material

Improved light extraction

Created to protect display backlights and high brightness LEDs from dust, moisture, and thermal and mechanical shock, Optical Gel LS-3357 is optically clear from the near UV to the near IR. It has a refractive index of 1.57 and is delivered in self-mixing dispensing cartridges. With a reported pot life of over 10 days, the product cures in six hours at 100C or under one hour at 150C. Fiber Optic Center Inc. Enter 581

Thermoplastic elastomer

Soft touch

Created to provide a low coefficient of friction, VERSAFLEX(R) ST1025 thermoplastic elastomer can be processed in a wide range of colors. Designed to offer a silky feel and soft touch, the product is available in a Shore A hardness of 33. It can be used with up to 20% regrind in applications such as buttons, handles, grips, and the surfaces of toys, sports equipment, personal care accessories, and some electronics. GLS Corp., Enter 582


Low viscosity

RenInfusion(TM) 8615/Ren 8615(R), a 400F transparent, two-component material, was created for resin infusion. With a viscosity of 550 cps, the cured product has a Shore 87D hardness, flexural strength of 10,000 psi, and flexural modulus of 430,000 psi. It is reportedly designed to work well in producing high-temperature composite tools and parts. Vantico, Inc., Enter 583

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