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Hot Products

Hot Products

Bug-killer coating

The latest flat-rolled steels from AK Steel have it in for bacteria and mold spores. Thanks to an ionic-silver and ceramic coating from AgION Technologies (Wakefield, MA), the steels meet the Environmental Protection Agency standards for an antimicrobial agent, according to AK applications engineer Eric Welte. AK can apply the AgION material to both carbon and stainless steels, using either a liquid or a powder coating process. The thickness of the coating varies from 0.2 to 2 mils, depending on abrasion requirements. "You can still see the polish of stainless steel through the thinnest of the coatings," Welte notes. The new steels target HVAC, appliance, food equipment, and medical applications. AK is even building a concept house from the material to show how it keeps mold at bay. What's more, Electrolux's Fridgidaire brand will use the antimicrobial steels in a new line of stainless steel consumer appliances. AK Steel : Enter 515

Stainless beefs up solenoids

The latest stainless steel alloy from Carpenter Technology goes into corrosive operating environments that can spell trouble for solenoids. Carpenter Chrome Core 29 Solenoid Quality Stainless stacks up favorably against Type 430FR stainless. The two materials have similar magnetic properties-including high resistivity-but Chrome Core 29 outshines Type 430FR when it comes to corrosion resistance. In corrosion tests (ASTM G150), Chrome Core 29 exhibited a critical pitting temperature of 14.8C, compared to 5C for Type 430FR. As for magnetic properties, the new alloy offers a saturation flux density of 13.2 kG, coercive field strength of 1.26 Oe, residual induction of 5.20 kG, and a maximum permeability of 1,624. In its annealed condition, Chrome Core 29 has a tensile strength of 586 MPa, a yield strength of 379 MPa, and a Rockwell B hardness of 85. Carpenter Technology Corp. : Enter 516

Say good-bye to beryllium in mold making

For mold-making applications that can benefit from the cooling power of copper, but can do without beryllium, Ampco Metal Inc. has developed a new copper alloy. Called MoldMATE 90, the material features a high thermal conductivity of 90 Btu/ft/hr/ degrees F, better than the 60 Btu/ft/hr/ degrees F offered by a beryllium copper grade (2% Be) commonly used in mold making. At the same time, MoldMATE 90 has enough nickel in it to meet the hardness and mechanical properties that tooling components require. Ampco Metal Inc. : Enter 517

MoldMATE versus other mold materials
Material Thermal conductivity, Btu/hr/ft/ degrees F Hardness, Rockwell Tensile strength, ksi Yield strength, ksi
MoldMATE 90 90 31 RC 136 126
BeCu (2.0% Be) 60 36 RC 175 155
BeCu (0.5% Be) 125 95 RB 110 90
P20 tool steel 22 30 RC 140 110
Aluminum 80 86 RB 78 74
Source: Ampco Metal Inc.
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