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Hot Products

Hot Products

To help readers get information more quickly, a new service debuts in this issue. Simply key in the URLs listed below and go directly to detailed product information on the vendor's website. Change only the last three digits of the URL to research the other products listed.

Get a handle on heavy-duty latching

A new Southco compression latch for heavy-machinery, off-highway, and agricultural-equipment applications combines a folding T-handle with the company's vise-action latching mechanism. When not in use, the handle folds entirely into a mounting cup that flush mounts to the outer panel. An internal detent holds the handle in its raised and folded positions. Initially developed as a custom product for Caterpillar, the new latch has been designed for durability: It withstands working loads of 600N and an average ultimate load of 1,200N, according to David Fusina, a product manager. With its corrosion-resistant finish, the new latch has also passed 500 hours of salt-fog testing. And the latch provides 6.4 mm of pull-up compression to keep shock and vibration problems at bay. "That's more compression than any other latch on the market," Fusina adds. The new compression latch also comes in a handle-only style, which eliminates the mounting cup for use with custom panels. Southco : Enter 576, or go to:

A skinny slide

This new server slide really keeps a low profile. Intended for 1U and 2U chassis applications, the new 2807 slide measures only 3/8 inches wide and 1.06 inches high. According to Robert Bryson, Accuride technical specialist, the thin slide leaves more room for venting in the smaller chassis sizes. Past 3/8-inch slides would typically stand 1.70 inch high, Bryson reports. "So they often took up the whole sidewall," he says. Aside from its thinness, the 2807 also offers some installation flexibility since it can be mounted on the top, middle, or bottom of the chassis side. The 2807 slides, which cover a size range from 10 to 30 inches, come with full extension plus two inches of over-travel for full access to the chassis. Each slide carries up to 60 lbs and features a pinch-free disconnect for chassis removal and insertion.

Accuride : Enter 577, or go to:

Let the robot do the screwing

The Stickscrew system, which inserts screws in plastic and metal, now comes in an optional robotic version. "Robotics let users automate the process of installing small screws," says Jay McKenna, special product manager. Like its manually operated forerunner, the robotic Stickscrew system replaces loose screws with "sticks" of up to 110 serially connected hex-head screws. These sticks load into a special driver that installs the screws, separating them from the rest of the stick as they reach their seating torque. In the robotic version, the driver has been mounted on a Z-axis carriage. An X-Y positioning table capable of carrying a fixtured workpiece completes the robotics package. The system accommodates screw sizes from #0-80 to #8-32 and from M1 to M4. Machine, thread-forming, and thread cutting screws are available in a variety of materials, thread sizes, hex sizes, screw lengths, head heights, and finishes. PEM Fastening Systems : Enter 578, or go to:

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