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Hot products

Hot products

Easy-mold grade of TPUs unveiled

The Thermoplastic Elastomers Div. of GLS Corp. has introduced its next generation of ultra-soft Dynaflex(R) thermoplastic elastomer compounds. Key to the appeal of the G7900 series is its easy-to-mold characteristics combined with its softness (30 Shore A to 80 Shore A). The line is particularly well-suited for the molding of large, complex parts with uniform low gloss and critical surface appearance requirements. Potential applications include: sporting goods, appliances, lawn and garden equipment, office furniture, and tools. GLS Corp., FAX (401) 245-1242.

Material sets 'new standard' for EPDMs

DuPont Dow Elastomers has debuted a new line of EPDM products based on INSITETM process and catalyst technology. The new product family, called Nordel IP hydrocarbon rubber, "will make it possible for us to deliver consistent performance at a level previously not available to EPDM users," reports Steve Compher, global Nordel business manager. The initial product line meets the performance requirements of a broad range of EPDM applications, from molded goods to calendared sheet to extrusions. DuPont Dow Elastomers. Ph: (800) 853-5515.

Urethane design guide dissects TPUs

An eight-page, full-color guide from JPS Elastomerics Corp. offers in-depth information about the design advantages of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), including specific details of the company's own Stevens urethane film and sheet. Detailed are the properties and performance characteristics of TPU that make the material increasingly popular for high-performance, critical "can't fail" applications. The company's in-depth technical support is also covered. JPS Elastomerics Corp., FAX (413) 552-1199.

'World's first' flexible metallocene foam

Sentinel Products Corp. has introduced FMPTM, a flexible metallocene polypropylene foam, for automotive interiors. The material is said to be twice as soft and possess better thermal stability properties than conventional crosslinked polypropylene (PP) foams now on the market. It is inherently flexible and, unlike PVC or PP, will not lose resilience or become brittle over time. The material contains no plasticizers, which can contribute to window fogging, or toxic substances. Sentinel Products Corp., FAX (508) 771-1554.

Inflatable tanks store, transport liquids

Liquitank from the French company PRONAL is a line of flexible rubber containers that come in various shapes and sizes for storing and transporting liquid materials, including chemicals. The inflatable containers are flame-retardant, UV- and ozone-resistant, air tight, and inhibit the growth of microbes, bacteria, and fungus. Tank capacities range from 5 to 92,000 gal. Recently developed units for use inside ISO containers are said to be ideal for road, cargo plane, or maritime transportation of food stuffs and industrial chemicals. PRONAL, FAX +33 3 20 99 75 20.

TPE bonds to nylon and nylon blends

Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P. has created thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) grades that can bond with Nylon 6 and blends thereof with excellent adhesion, according to Peter Kay, worldwide program manager. The Santoprene(R) rubber grades should enable designers and manufacturers to develop components with a high-performing elastomer bond to an engineering resin. Previously, the Santoprene rubber grades bonded only to polypropylene. Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P., FAX (330) 849-5599

BF Goodrich doubles TPU investment

BF Goodrich Specialty Plastics has more than doubled its investment in its Estane Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) division by increasing the manufacturing capacity at its primary domestic plant in Avon Lake, OH. The investment involves a 300% increase in operating floor space; the acquisition of new equipment in its pilot, product, and compound lines; and the creation of a new application development and testing laboratory. The new capacity will allow for more flexibility to make innovative, custom products for a variety of applications, notes Paul Mollinger, manufacturing manager. BF Goodrich Specialty Plastics, FAX (216) 447-5361.

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