Hidden Hose Stymies Homeowner

My tale of monkey woe concerns a 2001 GE Profile refrigerator. This model has a water and ice dispenser in the freezer door. About a year ago, my wife began complaining that the water tap was working sporadically. Later we began to notice water pooling on the floor below the refrigerator door. Eventually, I narrowed the dripping to the time just after we drew water from the freezer door tap. I disconnected the coil of the water solenoid, and it stopped the dripping. However, it also defeated the water-in-the-door function, which did not make my wife happy.

I went to several appliance parts Websites. I discovered that the water line went under the main part of the fridge, through the bottom and top hinges of the main door, and through the bottom hinge of the freezer door. It then routed to the water tap in the freezer door. The hose was available as a replacement part. I looked at the fridge-door gasket and saw rust stains. Obviously, it was time to remove the door-mounted shelving to see if I could find a leak inside the door.

Much to my surprise, I found the door was filled with dripping wet foam insulation. The foam completely filled the door cavity and was not removable. The leaking hose was totally buried in the foam. There was no way to replace the hose without destroying the insulation. The freezer door was constructed the same way. The water hose was completely encapsulated by the foam insulation. Monkeys!

This entry was submitted by Lloyd Piper and edited by Rob Spiegel.

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