Flexible Solar Panels Aimed at Window Shades, Wallpaper: Page 2 of 2

Your window shades, wallpaper, and other textiles could one day power your home, harvesting energy from sunlight and indoor light sources.

carry in the field.

This partnership highlights just one of the numerous possibilities for the technology as the team continues to work to create a more robust and efficient flexible panel, Priya said.

“Our edge is in the ability to fabricate large-area modules with high efficiency,” he said. “We are actively working to integrate the product with the market and we see a wide variety of uses for the technology, from clothing to windows, to smart buildings to UAVs to mobile charging stations.”

Elizabeth Montalbano is a freelance writer who has written about technology and culture for more than 15 years. She has lived and worked as a professional journalist in Phoenix, San Francisco, and New York. She currently resides in a village on the southwest coast of Portugal.

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