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The WIT-XXA-01 series of self-mounted cable ties have an arrowhead design and snap quickly into a predrilled hole. Providing a permanent locking method of bundling cables or wires, the cable tie can accommodate a panel thickness of 0.062 inch and mounting hole diameters from 0.187 to 0.252 inch. The ties are made of a Nylon material. The arrowhead ties are available in 18- or 50-lb strengths. Using only one of these ties replaces the need for a cable tie and flat tie holder assembly. Richco Inc.


Multiple styles and sizes

Designed to handle bundles of cables with diameters of .0125 to 0.250 inch, the Half "U" and Dual Half "U" Routing Clips (HURCS and DHURCS) have a unique base that can be mounted to a board using a screw or rivet. The HURCS routes one set of cables while the DHURCS can route parallel cables. Available in three sizes and molded from Nylon material, the clips' parts are not releasable as the screw or rivet must be removed in order for the cables to be released. Richco Inc.


For high-performance applications

Available in inch and metric sizes, with diameters between 0.625 and 9.5 inches, and 16 to 240 mm, the new line of spanner nuts are often used in high-performance engines and drive trains. They are manufactured from alloy steel and A286. Finishes for the nuts include cadmium, phosphate, and passivate, with metallic and non-metallic locking features available. The nuts can be made with other sizes and materials by request. Common applications include military aircraft, jet engines, and automobiles. SPS Technologies



Intended for outdoor applications because of its resistance to ultraviolet light, the General Purpose Shock-Absorbing Epoxy 5432 from Appli-tec has been manufactured for use in areas such as affixing metal to concrete and concrete to concrete, filling gaps, or fastening two dissimilar materials. After an initial bond is achieved (after 10 min), the two-component, thixtotropic epoxy bond is hard to the touch in less than an hour and strengthens over time. Appli-tec



Protecting flange faces and edges, tubes, valves, and ducts from damage and contamination during assembly, shipping, and painting, these PVC flange covers come in a wide range of sizes. The flanges' reusable covers don't crack, split, or warp when exposed to weather or chemical elements. The covers and caps, made of vinyl, stay on and go on easily. The covers provide a snug fit and conform to a variety of flanged tubes. StockCap

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