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Screw holding tools

Stops dropped screws

Designed to prevent dropped screws, the ProHold(TM) Trip screw holding tools now include star-tipped tools that fit all common star head screws, including TORX(R) brand fasteners. The tip of each tool reportedly features a non-magnetic, corrosion-proof button that securely holds screws to the tool. All tools feature the company's proprietary Proguard(TM) finish, which is engineered to provide five times more corrosion protection. Bondhus Corporation

Epoxy adhesive

Applies without dripping

EP35 is a two-component, room temperature curing, high-temperature-resistant epoxy adhesive that reportedly produces high-strength bonds. According to the company, high strength is maintained even after long exposure to temperatures in the 450 to 500F range. It features a 100 to 70 mix ratio by weight and is designed to be applied without sagging or dripping (even on vertical surfaces). It is also reportedly 100-percent reactive and does not contain any diluents or solvents. Master Bond Inc.


Fast-curing in dry and acidic areas

Created to cure rapidly in dry environments and on acidic surfaces, 4500(TM) and 4501(TM) Instant Adhesives will reportedly cure up to five times faster than traditional cyanoacrylate adhesives on certain substrates. Both products are designed to rapidly bond a variety of metal, plastic, and elastomeric materials. They also maintain their liquid performance properties well over their entire shelf life, according to the company. Henkel Loctite Corporation

In-die feeding system

Installs self-clinching nuts, studs, standoffs

Working in tandem with a stamping press and properly tooled die to feed and install fasteners, the PERMSERTER(R) in-die fastener feeding system reportedly eliminates secondary operations typically required for fastener insertions. It is "plug and play" by using multi-pin twist lock connectors to work with the die and stamping press. It can be configured for multiple or single insertions, generally matching the rate of the stamping press. PennEngineering Fastening Technologies

Cloth tape

Conformable, protects auto surfaces

Bumpergard(TM) 3364 is a highly conformable and impact-resistant cloth tape that is designed for temporary automotive surface protection. It delivers greater impact resistance than protective film equivalents and will remove residue-free up to three months after application, according to the company. It is UV-, ozone-, and chemical-resistant. Scapa North America


With hex key drive

Featuring a hex key drive that gives the user a dual locking and adjustment system, the Key Drive Series thumbscrews has a hex equivalent to that of a standard socket head cap screw. This allows for installation without any special tools needed. The knob portion of the thumbscrew is in the round knurled style with diameters that match those of the company's existing product line. The products are available in nine screw sizes, ranging from 4-40 to 5/16-24. Shear-Loc Products

Loop fastener

U-shaped for pipe/cable installation

The Loop Fastener is a unique U-shaped blind fastener created for the installation of pipes or cables on a wall or ceiling. By drilling a .25-inch diameter hole, the product can be slipped over a wire or tube and pushed into the drilled hole. The fasteners are molded in natural-colored high-density Polyethylene and will accommodate wires or cables up to .25-inch in diameter. Micro Plastics Inc.

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