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Fastening, Joining and Assembly

Article-Fastening, Joining and Assembly

Fastening, Joining and Assembly

Filament brushes

Nylox(R) brushes are intended to deburr aluminum, cylinder heads, cast aluminum engine blocks, transmission housings, intake manifolds, automobile wheels, cast iron gears after machining, and cast iron water/sewer drains. Made with nylon filaments containing silicon abrasive grains, the brushes feature a patented composite hub construction for maximum fill density. Designed for CNC, automation, and robotic processes, they are available in straight round, crimped round, and rectangular nylon filaments.

Weiler Corp., Enter 616

Cabinet line

The company's Heavy Duty cabinet line reportedly provides the flexibility needed to design an enclosed cabinet around an electronic system. Models are available in standard or custom designs. The cabinet line is made to protect against earthquakes, meeting requirements for shock and vibration, dust-proofing, EMI/RFI, FCC/VDE, and EMP/TEMPEST.

Equipto Electronics, Enter 617

Grinding discs

Tiger Disc(TM) for Stainless Steel Grinding offers high cut rates for stainless steel applications found in dairy equipment, hospital furniture, medical and surgical equipment, food products machinery, and commercial kitchen and food warming equipment. Cool-cutting is achieved with a fast-cutting abrasive cloth. Other benefits include: high density flat configuration for smooth grinding action; more abrasive cloth per disc for longer disc life; and lighter pressure for less gouging, heat discoloration, undercutting, and thermal part distortion.

Weiler Corp., Enter 618

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