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Fastening, Joining and Assembly

Fastening, Joining and Assembly

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The adjustable T-bolt clamp is designed to offer high strength and a wide diametrical adjustment range. According to the company, users need only a torque wrench for installation. The clamp comes in tempered and annealed stainless steel, and has a 0.75-inch wide band. Clampco Products Inc., Enter 629

Epoxy resin

Master Bond EP30-2 is a two-component epoxy resin that offers resistance to thermal cycling and chemicals, and features an operating temperature range of -60F to over 250F. With a -0.0003 in/in shrinkage upon cure rate and a 100:10 mix ratio by weight, it may be used in sealing, bonding, and laminating applications. Master Bond Inc., Enter 630

Cable markers

Nelco/Texit(R) Heatex(TM) Permanent Wire Markers are supplied on a heavy-duty 0.020-inch thick laminated fan-folded carrier, while the company's line of heat-shrinkable polyolefin cable markers are available on a jam-resistant carrier system with resealable packaging. These carriers, used with thermal transfer- and dot matrix printers, hold 0.5- to 2-inch long wire markers. Nelco Products, Enter 631


These cabinet U-handles feature zinc-plated steel, molded-in threaded studs in a black nylon plastic ergonomic design. The handles offer a heat tolerance of 150C (300F) for use in a variety of industries. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and also has inch and metric size adjustable locking mechanisms, levers, level mounts, hand knobs, and toggle clamps. J.W. Winco Inc., Enter 632


This clamp provides up to 750 lbs of force on steel, aluminum, composite, plastic, wood, and other materials. Made of stainless steel with a roll pin mounting assembly, the clamp may be used in place of steel bolts, carbon steel clamps, and other fasteners. Applications include mixers, dryers, labelers, conveyors, ovens, and material handling machinery. The Witte Company, Inc., Enter 633


Solid Surface Structural Adhesive adheres to acrylics, polyesters, and metals, used where transparency or color matching is needed. The adhesive provides a 1:1 mixture, which reportedly is less sensitive to off-ratio mixing. It features UV stabilizers to prevent color changes from sunlight and aging. Adhesive Technologies, Inc., Enter 634

Ultrasonic welders

The company's ultrasonic equipment, used for wire welding applications, includes an ultrasonic welder that reportedly joins up to 10 stranded flat flexible circuit wires to multi-connection terminals in one pulse. Ultrasonic systems include the Wedge Reed system, which uses a shear mode to direct ultrasonic energy, and the Lateral Drive system, which is cantilevered. Sonobond Ultrasonics, Enter 635

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